Is there a mod that lets you choose "battle cries"?

i’ve been using my vet(cutthroat) more recently and was wondering if there was a mod, similar to that “for the emperor” wheel that let you play your character’s battle cry whenever you want lol

If you figure it out let me know. The guy who made the cryonic rod mod said it was simple to pull the social wheel functions that are unused and the pick up related call outs that form Vacuum Capsule mod’s extras. But that an enhanced Vacuum Capsule mod including the cries for daemonhosts, hanging from ledges, dying, barrels exploding, random conversations and battle cries would be impossible…and the fact that I’ve never heard any, despite seeing dozens of players in their undies makes me think it doesn’t exist and won’t.

I really wish I could warn people about barrels that don’t exist.

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