Is there a maximum commendation chests?

Title says it all.

No one ? I have 150 unopen atm. thought I might wait to open them until I maxed out. but if there is no max, there’s no point in waiting :slight_smile:

I know someone with over 200 atm, I wouldn’t worry about a cap

There is no limit, as long as you keep leveling up you’ll keep getting commendation chests. And sense you can level your characters infinitely past 30 you’ll always get commendation chests.

I’d assume there is no known limit. When modders were dumping boxes in their stash to learn about loot rates, they were adding thousands of boxes. I have over 200 now because I’m waiting for the new patch that adds all those sexy cosmetics. Patch 1.1 I believe is when they said they will add the new cosmetics. Looking at some of the teased stuff, I want it far more than the current cosmetics(of which I have none).

On an added note, I really hope they add a bounty board or something to get cosmetics. Getting all the cosmetics as it stands is basically a fool’s dream. The drop rate is so low it’s practically insulting.

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