Is the Power Weapons will has a AOE damage by default?

May not the bladed ones, but I think blunt ones: Mace, Maul, Hammer should.

Maybe only on charged attack ?

I dont think we will get any power weapons aside power sword, as their usage is lethal to regular humans.

Human (like the Inquisitor and even Commissar) still use Power weapon, even though the biggest one necessitate a Power Armor the Imperial guard still use a variety of Power weapon.

If we have a Psyker (which is most likely) we could also have Force Weapon

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I dont think any inquisitor or commissar used any power weapon except of power sword. Like i said im fine having power swords, just not power hammers, power axes, power mauls etc…

Just my opinion, not that i would mind if they added those as well…

One of the regular weapon choice for the Commissar was the Power fist, Yarrik even use one (Which is made to look like an Ork Power claw)


I stand corrected. You are indeed right about power fist, and seeing it in game would be awesome.



I stand corrected. You are indeed right about power fist, and seeing it in game would be awesome.

The model of a Commissar with Power fist actually has quite a large power first for those that are meant for ordinary humans. There’s an old Cadian Junior Officer model that has one, and it’s quite a bit smaller than the one on that Commissar.

Basic humans are capable of using all sorts of power weapons - The versions intended for Astartes obviously can’t be used, but there’s nothing about power weapons that inherantly means they’re unable to be used without power armour in the first place.

Adeptus Arbites use power mauls. The Imperial General in Dawn of War had lightning claws. Inquisitors can use Thunder Hammers etc. There are models of humans with Power Swords, Mauls, fists and hammers. There was a Special Character model called Kyrinov who was a Ministorum priest with a power mace.

Lots of characters use them. It’s just power swords are the most common ones seen.

Even in term of Power weapon there are a lot of different pattern:

Mars/Tallarn which is based on the Scimitar

Cadian who look like a cavalry sword

Then you have the possibility of putting different melee weapon with different fighting style

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