Why is Achlys Powermaul the same model with the one that comes with the Shield?

Doesn’t that create the obvious question of why can’t we activate it?

Seems kinda lazy ngl



In all fairness this can be said about 90% of the game and its mechanics.


Because Ogryn brain or something. Same reason why it takes his brain a half-second to even start shooting when you use the stubber.

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What really turns my gears is how different both those weapons are when skinned as well. Whole different model, compared to the usual just a paintjob.

Was looking. It even has the button.

Remember in lore, these weapons are just ON for the duration of combat. Might be you have to ignite it on the draw by squeezing the grip, but after that, just ON.

But someone loves the shovel, and wants you to carry a relic shovel. A shovel handed down to you from the time of the Horus heresy, or even before.

Eventually you’ll get a Red shovel with perfect stats and gold inlay.

That shovel is why we can’t have nice things.

Dang shovelheads.


Power maul. Literally nothing more than the standard maul with a device that generates a matter-disrupting field around it. Of course its going to look identical to the standard issue one. Orgyn weapons are big enough to put the very delicate stuff that genrates the field and normally goes on the outside can be safely tuck into the inside instead. As to the not-always on. Well one assumes balance - imagine how bad the power sword, followed by all other power weapons, would have gotten nerfed if it could always be on. And to be fair power weapons in 40k are actually bloody rare (hence chain weapons being more iconic), and probably not always on if not able to draw power from an outside source (aka power armor). Power packs are a finite source of energy afterall. Oh and sometimes the “power up” feature can be a negative -like when it causes a strike to devesate one target but also recoil backwards when you really needed that swing to hit multiple targets. Emperor forbid your chain sword is on and gets bound up chewing through one beefy mauler leaving you to be pummeled by a few groaners.

As to the delay on shooting. 95% certain that is latency on your end as haven’t really noticed it myself. For a lore wise explanation. Its literally a pair of M2 “Ma Deuce” Brownings with the top and bottom receivers welded together. Due to being an open-bolt design there is always a delay between pulling the trigger and the actual shot being fired. It’s the due to the bolt carrier being released by the sear then moving forward to load the cartridge into battery. Only then does the hammer come down to hit the pin and actually ignite the primer. And no technology wouldn’t have improved on it. Sure we can make automatics that fire from a closed bolt. But those weapons have a problem called heat buildup. Which in turn results in the bullet sometimes exploding either before the trigger is pulled or before the bolt closes. You do NOT want to be near a firearm that has the later happen.

You can run stubber in the meat grinder and it works the same, there’s a trigger delay built in. Its also one of the many inputs that can’t be buffered. It makes an already meh gun feel terrible to use, considering it has all the ‘power range weapon’ drawbacks on top of this (bad deploy time, slow reload, slow M2 ready) without actually being that good. After all its just a barely better Agrip braced damage wise, but people use those weapons because of how Vet/Zealot ult interacts with them + they actually work as the run n gun weapons you’d expect. If you couldn’t quickly produce the Agrip braced and dump rounds it would be pretty crappy. That’s heavy stubber.

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Repeating myself (often), but I’m ~convinced they’re “balanced” for the Ogryn Gun-Lugger. Skullbreaker can eat it apparently, maybe literally!

Fair enough. Haven’t run my orgyn enough to really notice then. Besidez which I treat it as a heavy MG anyway - pull out early, shoot in the foes general direction, and keep shooting until the clip runs out or its time to melee. A seconds delay doesn’t really factor in then.