Achlys Mk I Power Maul

Where does the Power Maul fit into the current game exactly? I’ve been using it the past few days and i keep wondering what its purpose currently is.

My damage output seems to be the same as with the Shield, which is to say not that great. It seems to work the best with light attacks, but currently the game doesn’t want Ogryns to do light attacks.

I cannot fathom what the purpose of the special is. It doesn’t seem to damage enemies any more than the regular heavy attack, but doesn’t seem to stagger the Monstrosities anywhere near as consistently as the Slap of the Clubs. To be honest, most of the time i feel like its more a case of multiple teammates pushing it over the stagger treshhold. Maybe my aim isn’t the best with the charged attack to really hit the head of the chaos spawn.

So i am curious, what is the point of this weapon? I never see people use it either, so i suspect it isn’t just a “me” thing?

I don’t think it’s received much (if any) change since the release of patch 13, so it’s mostly out-of-place because of that IMO. It still has the goofy-high stagger/suppression AOE on its special attacks (compared to post-change Indignatus Crusher), so it’s mostly just crowd control as it always has been.

I’m not sure if the special can stunlock packs of Crushers like it could prior to patch 13

The slap has stagger reduction, which likely contributes to that

In a trash.


Pretty decent on the Twins mission for crowds and the mauler/rager/crusher waves

Unfortunately it can’t fo that anymore since the change in stagger after the last patch.

But, if build properly, it has much superior horde clear than any of the clubs.
His place is a versatile option between the clubs and the shield.
The slowdown in the special activation has to go.

thats the neat part, it doesnt.

so far the other melee weapons got a distinct pace and pattern that feels organic and forms your playstyle. “Paul” just feels choppy,clunky and more of an obstacle than anything else.

dont have a solution either, for the other clubs fill their bleeding and sunder roles, shield is shield and the bull butcher is still my go to for overall utility.

maybe have it powered on for a certain timeframe instead of one swing? 15 seconds upon activation ?

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ironically it should probably be doing exactly what the current two new ogryn shovels are doing, maybe with some AOE stagger on the side. It should be the thing that is strong enough for the ogryn to just not give a flying backhand about carapace. Instead its a useless stun baton that shares more in common with a shock maul than a power maul.


I like that idea.

Honestly, if i could choose, i would like it to do what the IIIb Club does, but better.

I would want it to be like the IIIb Club in its unpowered state and then when you power it up, i would like it to hit like a Thunderhammer. It doesn’t need to do the damage of the Thunderhammer… but i would want the thing to absolutely stun everything.

Like you have a Monstrosity coming at you… you load it up and you wack the thing and it is stunned and dazed for a moment. No weakspot hit necessary… just pure impact brutality. I would want the thing to send a crusher flying with the force of its impact.

I wouldn’t want it to be the new Thunderhammer, but i would want it to be a great option for the Ogryn with the Special being absolutely amped up impact goodness.

You have the Clubs with the Haymaker Blessing for the damage role… and you have the Maul, to absolutely dominate in crowdcontrol.

Hitting a Beast of Nurgle with the charged Maul then would work like an explosion, making it expell what they have swallowed.

Also unlock the two unobtainable blessings. Let it do Brittleness on a charged up hit. Like one charged up hit and the target has max Brittleness. And with the Power Surge Blessing you could do what i said above, there it really hits like a truck. That way you can go Supercharge Blessing for Brittleness and Skull Crusher for max damage against big game… or you go Power Surge and Supercharge or Power Surge and Perfect Strike, that allows you to wack into a group of crushers and send them flying… on a crit it would cleave and really allow you to not just send one flying but all of them.

It doesn’t need to do extra damage… just get it on the level of the Kourk Cleaver or the Club IIIb… and then make it the Stun Queen.

The point of this weapon, in my opinion, is being a safety net for some sticky situations.
Basically it’s has a HUGE stun radius, and it can stagger Crushers and everything else(sad that it doesn’t explode when you hitting ground, or bodies of dead enemies like it did in Vermintide)

But the problem is that the weapon is wierd. It’s slow, deals pretty much the least amount of damage out of Ogryn’s arsenal(Shield deals a lot of damage, you just need to forget that you have light attacks), it’s stagger with special attack is unnecessary most of the time, and I found myself being sluggish when wielding it.

To be honest, I think this weapon, even with all it’s flaws, is fun, it’s unique and gives you sense of immortality in melee combat like no other weapon(You are an unstoppable power, but I just tested, crushers kinda do not care at times). But damage of the special is just sad, please :sob:

Oh god it’s so slow. I rounded a corner and came face to face with a Trapper. I tried to do a normal quick attack to interrupt it and it still manged to net me first, mid swing animation.

I think giving it AOE damage high enough to kill a few poxwalkers would be a really neat addition. AFAIK there aren’t currently any melee weapons that do that.

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