Ogryn Power Maul Feedback

Hey FS, generally like the weapon. But the special attack on it needs to activate faster given how little damage it does compared to other single use specials, or remain active for a couple hits


I agree, the Special Activation is so slow that I’m almost certain it’s bugged-- the other weapon in the update isn’t nearly as slow, nor is the Thunder Hammer or Power Sword.
It needs to be sped up and/or made significantly more useful.

At the moment the weapon is basically just the Ogryn’s thunder hammer, but instead of locking you after you attack with the special, it locks you while activating and isn’t even strong enough to one shot most enemies making it kinda pointless


Doesn’t it’s powered up hit have an aoe blast like the zealot’s Crusher? If so it’s for crowed control not pure damage.


how would you describe the weapon? I won’t be able to test it until january^^

is it finally an anti armor weapon for the ogryn? or a great source of damage?

I feel like compared to other weapons the Powermaul doesn’t do well in terms of replenishing toughness when it comes to the first tier of perks. It’s just doesn’t wind up that well imo.

Activating the special on the powermaul takes forever and also slows me completely down. I run in seeing a group of shooters, I want to stagger them all, so mid-run I have to stop push a button and then start swinging. I should be able to move and push the button.

The powermaul’s anti armor is meh, only really way to really mess up an armored enemy is to use the special or the first two chain hits in your light and then proceed to heavy.

It’s a flail+shield’s light attack combo (Overhead/uppercut/cleave/cleave->cleave on repeat from here) with a 2hh heavy attack combo (permanent cleave, not sure if it’s also infinite cleave) with the flaming flail’s overhead as a special attack in all circumstances.

The TL;DR is it’s less killy than a bull butcher mk 3, much faster than a shield (and as controlly/more controlly) that can super stagger ogryns including bulwarks, as well as stagger every enemy nearby from its explosion.

It’s in a really good spot but it’s not a real killer weapon. You bring it for the control.


I see no point in using the Power Maul over the Latrine Shovel. “Power” or not with respect to the Maul, the Shovels special attack (among the best in the game) sends every enemy excluding Monstrosities and Crushers, either airborne or face down in the dirt.

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All of Ogryn melee weapon are versatile, Cleave and armor penetration, other classes cleave weapons are usually weak to Flak armor. Chain weapons are strong to Flak armor normally, but they should rev up to kill Carapace armor.

Cleavers isn’t helpful to kill Carapace armored enemy (Crusher), the other weapons have an anti-Carapace armor attack, even Slab shield have anti-carapace armor attack, dps-wise low, unfortunately. (and now it has bug… so you can’t kill with it. someone reported it, and they said acknowledged).

If you want dedicate armor penetration to both armor, you should bring Bully club which is only choice. Because of its attack speed, and bad move set, it has decent armor penetration to both armor.

At least, we can kill Crusher easily.

We won’t get great source of damage in any case without some patch, since we don’t have great damage dealing blessing on our melee weapons.

Addition : That video’s club is Damage 78%, and Penetration 76% Club with 10% Elites damage + 20% Carapace armor damage Club with HeavyWeight Feat, I think without one of perk, you can make breakpoint. You can kill Crusher with 4 1st heavy attacks. 5 heavy for Mauler. 4 heavies for Scab Rager. (body shot)

And I find funny thing that (Max stat(100) Bull club’s armor damage - Max stat(100) Latrine shovel’s armor damage) is only 28.4.

So if you have fine stat Latrine shovel, for armor penetration Bully club is not the only choice like I wrote above.

Latrine has less and less damage when its Damage, Penetration, and first target stats go down.
e,g) (Damage 80%, Penetration 80% Club 1st heavy attack - Damage 80%, penetration 80%, first target 80% Shovel 1st heavy attack) is 53.7 (53.55 was old number, I had wrong calculation, so I fixed.)

But it’s faster, and more versatile, and better move sets. So it’s still competitive.


While I really enjoy the attack patterns on the new club, the damage and crowd control capabilities of it are very underwhelming compared to other available weapons, so I’m not sure where it fits in their overall plan…

So if I want to play defense on Heresy/Damnation, I will turtle up with the Slab Shield and provide cover for my team to pick off ranged and block chokepoints for them.

If I’m speed-running Malice to help low-level friends, I’ll generally use a cleaver for faster killing/horde clear.

If there is more than one Ogryn in the group, and we don’t have a high single-damage player, I can use a club and fill the role of an ersatz Zealot.

What I was hoping for in the Power Maul was a tactical high-damage weapon; it takes a bit to charge, leaving you exposed, but when it hits, it hits HARD :).

Unfortunately, as is, it has all of the drawbacks of the power hammer and none of the benefits :(.

I’ve mixed feeling about the Power Maul, it’s damage isn’t the issue, its attack chain/pattern nice and great to whack around hordes with. The powered up Maul effect is great and greatly amplifies stagger and is able to knock the shield away from a Shield Ogryn, Bulwark.

The animation being a tad on the slow side, I can get used to, which I can’t grasp is the annoying slow to a crawl, to press a tiny little button. Once the weapon is empowered, your no longer movement impaired, so where is the logic in this?

If anything I’m keen on seeing that slow down effect on activation removed, everything else feels decent.

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I dunno, after thinking about it last night I’m really disappointed with this weapon and the crusher. The first two power weapons have really well animated and powerful specials. The thunderhammer can nearly one shot anything, and the power sword has nearly limitless cleave. Why do these two weapons have tiny damage tiny aoe bursts that also look meh? The specials on the power weapons should be impactful, and having a just minor damage stagger effect on weapons that already have massive stagger values is redundant and feels bad.


The stagger goes well beyond what you are actually hitting tho. Special > light attack staggers everything in a fairly decent radius from the impact

I would like weapon special activation to stop preventing movement.

It’s a lengthy animation (forgivable, Ogryn has to find the button to push it), but being unable to manuever or dodge hurts me, and by me i mean my ogryn who forgot about the maulers with chain axes or how his legs work in order to turn on his club (lore accurate, but feels bad)

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Some good feedback about ogryn weapons in this thread.

As many others, I feel the massive slowdown + time to activate is very underwhelming for the power activation result. And the weapon needs a slight damage boost to me but hey, who doesn’t like having to hit 2-3 times a basic dude sometimes even in malice.

The Heavy attack move set feels like it could get some good toughness regen with the first level perk on multi hit + chained hits blessing if the weapon gets this one. Will see.

Was so disappointed in Bully club at the beginning I haven’t tried since. Ans I love the updated shovel.
What I would really like for Ogryn is a better mace damage from the mace and shield. HAving to hit a specialist 12 times to kill it is really not great.

edit : anyway they do not want to do it for the range it would have but the Ogryn NEEDS its 2 handed weapon.

It does get confident strike which makes it pretty good for toughness tanking with the bleed damage reduction. I would like to see the cleave damage go up, or I guess if the weapon special had a larger aoe and damage it could be pretty solid. The damage is just a bit too low for it to really fulfill any role well at the moment though

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They really seem afraid to make the ogryn hitting too strong. Which should compensate for him being such a target.
As a consequence some of his few weapons seem to be under performing on the damage side.
They should at least have better weak spot multiplier, shield mace for example ; reward those head hits.

I need to try the bully club again.

Difficult balancing act anyway.

The moveset is nice, and the visual effect is fun. The damage is bad, and the delay is difficult to manage in a fight. On paper, the CC is great, but his other weapons and ult ult already give him stagger, so it isn’t clear when I would want to use this. It’s fine on 3 or 4, but so is everything. Overall it isn’t a terrible weapon, it’s like a C. Kind of a side-grade/slight downgrade from bully club (which I don’t use on 5, just for funsies on 4)

Ogryn needs some love, I was hoping for something a little different, some damage to make him more viable on 5. CC is great, but on 5 you need damage if you want to protect the backline, especially since you can’t physically block enemies (they walk right through you).

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@zhurtek exactly what I had in mind, came here to post a feedback about it, it feels really slow and its activation should be based on time not number of hits.

I’ve got my 2 cents on Ogryn’s Power Maul.

The light move set is absolutely great, no complaints there. Light 1 and light 2 deal with Scab and Dreg enemies very nicely, while light 3 and light 4 are excellent horde clear, plus they loop back between each other to effortlessly deal with hordes.

The heavy move set is mostly rendered obsolete by lights 3 and 4 looping back between eachother - there’s very, very few situations where I need to pull out the heavy attacks. Wind-up time could be reduced, plus shuffle around some move combos for more clearly-defined patterns.

The charged attack itself is bonkers. In terms of pure damage, it’s a nice boost, but not on the level of the Power Sword or Thunder Hammer. But that’s not the main point of powering up the maul; the real effect is the instant stagger and suppression of all enemies within a bonkers radius of ~13 meters all around you when you land a strike. Activate, light 1, light 2 spam will stunlock an entire horde easily, Elites included.

However, the slowdown to activate Ogryn’s Power Maul stops you dead in your tracks, and it takes nearly a full second to do so - in a horde shooter, this is a huge downside. In combination with the weapon de-powering itself when you use Bull Rush, this makes using powered attacks very difficult on the offensive. And us, as players, are basically always on the offensive.

For smaller items, I feel like the time between the push and the push attack follow-up is over long. It could be shortened to feel more responsive, akin to the bully club.