Introducing 40k Power fist for zealots (mainly)

So i’m not exactly familiar with lore too much, but would it be possible for you guys to create a Power fist melee for the Zealot class? or well all of them if you want.
from a lore point of view i know guardsmen can get their hands on a variant close/similar to the space marine. via means of an exo suit or power back.

from a game design point of view i do recognise it would take a bit of work, with rigging the animations of both holding it, moving with it and of course punching with it. however i do quite enjoy the idea of smashing some heretics with a power fist so thought why not putting it down somewhere to see if its remotely possible.

thank you for taking the time to read this and sorry if its placed in the wrong location.



Would be a good weapon kit, mostly implemented as a side weapon (Melee: Sword and PFist; Ranged: Pistol and PFist)

Kinda like how the knife can punch.

And there are smaller variants of the PFist that would work much better than the older/heavier ones

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There’s no more reason for it to be a sidearm than any other melee weapon but we’d all love dual weilding. Lets hope that is the leaked veteran leader’s spefialty. A PF would essentially be a thunder hammer so that would be a ton of fun.

I don’t think there’s any hard lore against using it on Zealot but i suspect it would find its way in as a vet leader specific weapon. Either way i would use it. Hammers need a buff though.

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Cause it’s usually used in association with another weapon, usually with a Pistol of some kind but also a sword. And it’s less suited to be able to block a weapon than the rest (though by logic, we could say the same for the Combat Knife).

It should be a heavier/meatier weapon, and for that it work better if the PFist is not on its own

Most of the weapons we use as melee weapons are, lore wise, usually associated with dual wielding. Darktide simply made the strange but likely expedient choice to not include dual wielding.

Actually its quite handy for blocking due to the ability to literally just grab the opponent’s weapon and snap it in half. Or parry with your hands. Its probably easier than with the knife. Don’t get me wrong, I WANT it to be a weapon used in dual wielding I just don’t think it HAS to be.

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Not really, most weapon we’ve had are usually shown on their own or as the main weapon.

Dual wielding is kept as reserve most likely, as they can bring more hype from releasing them than doing it the other way around (Dropping Twin Chain axe and then 1h Chain Axe).

A thing I wonder about the power fist is that you can’t just unglove it and put it aside while you draw your weapon. So I wonder if they would have it magicly disapear when you switch to range weapon or if it would stay visible with your ranged weapon.

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I don’t get this. Almost in all representations and tabletop variations the 1h weapons are used with an off or main handed ranged weapon. There are precious few 2h weapons in darktide and they are all zealot weapons. Power sword without at least a laspistol just feels weird. Chain sword? Chain axe? Etc. The shovel is ok cause the average guardsman would use that and dual wielding and melee work is more of a sergeant+ kind of battlefield role typically.

Ya know? who cares. I want dual weilding ranged+powerfist either way. Why am I caring about this irrelevant technical detail.


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