Is penance "Bring the hurt" even working?

Actually what title says. I have tried everything coming to my mind on heresy and damnation. I used box of hurt with the relevant feat active, the rumbler and the grenade launcher. Nothing seems to work. I still have 0 out of 5.

I would appreciate some insight here.

Try Rumbler grenade launcher, made it in 1 match.

You need to make consecutive 4 elite/specialist hits to get 1 (no missing, repeat 5 times)

Or maybe they really broke something (like with “One In the Chamber” not going above 5), try to report a bug in that case.

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Soo… I have to actually use the rumbler and hit 4 elites/specs without missing one with the actual grenade? Not with the explosion of the grenade? Well this i will try in the next gaming session. Thanks mate.

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Yes, a direct hit with a projectile :+1:

pretty sure rumbler working for this have been corrected with patch 10.
you need to direct hit four without missing, idealy play with a sharpshooter with grenade aura and focus on boss, mutant and ogryn. or elite that are idle

Not anymore.

If Rumbler thing was fixed then yeah, this is your only option:

Or just casually pick up grenades and throw them at elites/specialists (without a miss).

You got 2 on start and 2 more on pick up, hitting with them all will get you 1 point closer.

The penance doesn’t work/count if you use ‘Bombs Away!’ feat (box that releasing multiple grenades around the target when it hit). Not sure why.

Make sure you unequip the feat.

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