Is it possible to fix all these bug?

I’m a recent player, started ~3 month ago.
I’m curently playing Cata and so far enjoying the game.

But since some time I get trigger a lot with problem accross the game.

I can’t count the number of time I dodge an attack/charge and still get hit.
I’ve even see in a hard moment where I was dead looking at our last mate trying his best and get killed by a vertical bestigore attack who totally miss him !

You also have this moment where you want to stagger a regular mob, sometime, for some reason, the trash totaly ignore it and hit you…

I can’t count also the number of time I get hook through a wall, mob that spawn and disapear under the map where they can hit you but you can’t.
Mob that also pass through wall and appear at another point of the wall (or just disapear or hit you from behind the wall)

As Sienna, I also got some weird bug :

  • No temp heal on skull with pyro despite having the trait (pyro)
  • Extremely slow melee speed while having no heat at all (bw)
  • Skull that fire but just go somewhere hitting nothing at all… (pyro)
    And some other I forget.

And last, mob’s spawn related : can we stop having mob and even boss sometime that pop right in our head/back/front ?

This game is fun, I don’t even might the poor balance between class, but those thing really remove all the fun for me.

I really wish they fix these problem.

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A lot of these are long, longstanding bugs, particularly enemy spawn issues

I’m not sure they will ever be fixed but here’s hoping

That a bit sad to ear that tbh :’(

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