Is cleave ever good for damage?

Are there any weapons that actually hit full damage on all targets? It just feels bad to only kill one guy at a time. How is this **** even calculated?

If you want best cleave weapon, play veteran with power sword.

As is, it’s a balance thing. Hordes aren’t dangerous because stagger doesn’t deteriorate like damage.

Power Sword, I guess. Cleave damage is supposed to depreciate with each enemy hit.

Hordes aren’t dangerous because for whatever reason only the uncommon Scab and Dreg Bruisers have health comparable to the shooter horde trash. They are the actual horde enemies in most scenarios too. This is one such avenue where difficulty could be arrived at instead of assailing you with shooter lines as long as the current sight line.

Seriously Groaner has 200 HP on Damnation, wtf. Poxwalker is a little better at 300.

They’re the trashiest of trashmobs, Marxist. They’re not supposed to soak too much damage.

Yea that works better when you have flavors of mobs. Its like if you took everything but Skavenslaves out. The Bruisers would fit the bill if they weren’t near taggable target spawns compared to ‘guy with gun’.

Also poxwalkers have ‘disgustingly resilient’ on TT iirc, their lore is that they’re basically walking dead. So they are definitely too weak, if some barely disease afflicted cultist in a yellow coat has 100 more HP.

Ogryn Cleaver will shred hordes like butter with the right blessings. The blessing that ignores hitmass for example lets you cleave every enemy in range.

Nothing hits full damage on all targets. Some things have drop-off to a point, others start doing 0 damage beyond X targets cleaved (usually 3 targets in these scenarios).

Weapons with relatively high damage across their cleave:
Bull butcher cleaver, heavy sword, power sword.

If you ever want to check this stuff yourself use the following: Darktide Breakpoint Calculator
Set target mode to “all” and pick an enemy type, weapon, attack etc and you can see the damage on subsequent targets.

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