Cleave THP changes - How to really balance it

Temporary health on cleave used to be overpowered, let’s be real.

The newer change was definitely a step in the right direction - changing the values depending on the number of enemies cleaved through - however it still needs a lot of work. While 0.5 is pitiful, the newer 0.75 is still nearly as every bit as pitiful. Increasing nothing is still nothing (and it really feels like nothing!) and a turd cannot be polished.
In order to better balance it, I suggest that the values do not stagnate after 2 enemies are hit, but instead increase depending on the number of enemies hit and have a higher stagnation ceiling. This would reward the usage of high-cleave weapons by coupling them with cleave THP, which is the very point of THP talent choices.

Here are some values that would work way better:

1st enemy - 0.5THP (base)
2nd enemy - 0.85THP (+70% over last)
3rd enemy - 1.26THP (+50%)
4th enemy - 1.53THP (+20%)
5th enemy - 1.76THP (+15%)
6th enemy - 1.76THP - stagnation ceiling (only really high cleave weapons and Merc can get there anyway)

Total combined health from 2 enemies cleaved: 1.35 (1.755 with boon)
Total combined health from 3 enemies cleaved: 2.61 (3.393 with boon)
Total combined health from 4 enemies cleaved: 4.14 (5.382 with boon)
Total combined health from 5 enemies cleaved: 5.90 ( 7.67 with boon)

Old Total combined health from 2 enemies cleaved: 4 (5.2 with boon)
Old Total combined health from 3 enemies cleaved: 6 (7.8 with boon)
Old Total combined health from 4 enemies cleaved: 8 (10.4 with boon)
Old Total combined health from 5 enemies cleaved: 10 (13 with boon)

With values being handled depending on the number of enemies hit and only hitting the ceiling after a higher number of enemies are hit, the talent’s worth increases on high cleave weapons while not being as absurd as it used be (2THP for each cleave) regardless of the weapon used.

I really hope you guys follow that model and tweak the values accordingly so as not to make it overpowered or totally worthless in the face of other talents (don’t forget they’ll also influence weapon choice if they’re too good, so they absolutely need to be balanced, because it’s weapon choice that should influence talent choice and not the other way around!).

I’ve also made another post regarding the bigger problem with THP/Stagger talents.


I don’t know why, but it seems to me that every tHP talents give less health… not only cleave one.

Imho we should gain more tHP in general. Every talent should be buffed.

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IMHO they should just merge THP on cleave and kill and base it on damage dealt and everybody would be happy. It would work with high cleave weapons and with single target weapons, with hordes, elites and bosses, and nobody would be mad about dealing high dmg to a tough target just to have that kill stolen by a teammate. Just leave THP on stagger for low dmg weapons. Head/crit works on some careers (not BH) but it would also be redundant (crits and headshots mean more dmg). So everybody could have the same choice: THP on stagger, THP on damage or healshare.


Not sure about how it should be changed, but thp on cleave does still feel really weak. I swear I get more thp back from a horde by using thp on kill than cleave, which used to be considered the worst option next to stagger.

Also, I’d have to check again, but I swear the small amount of thp you get back from hitting only one enemy does not stop the thp degradation effect. It’s like the amount is so small that the game doesn’t register it, and your thp just keeps depleting.

This, this, this and this. Please Fatshark, make it so.


No, that would be way too powerful. The niche of cleave THP is with high-cleave weapons and kill THP is for high-damage single target weapons like the 1 handed axes, the crowbill, etc.

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Ha. I’m using a 2h sword on merc with the cleave talent and boon of shallya and it’s still feeling a bit meh (it’s ok on a horde, but it’s hard to get to kill it yourself)

I get that the talents are meant to be used with some weapons in mind but that, imo, is one of the biggest problems: it forces some weapons on certain classes, and force you to switch them when you change weapon (leaving you with a broken choice if you forgot to)

Moreover, there’s a lot of competition regarding who kills what, and it can grow problematic. I don’t see why such a key feature should be this annoying

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