Is a heavy laspistol actually as big as it's depicted in this?

i decided to swap the revolver for the heavy laspistol and during the opening scene where it shows your team walking in, i noticed that it’s comically large lol is it supposed to be that big?

i’m not too familiar with actual 40k lore to that degree but it looks like it could easily be a sidearm for a space marine…

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Laspistols can indeed be huge. Part of that is intentionally exaggerated for ensuring parts are both durable enough for tabletop play and easily identifiable from a few feet away, and often that gets translated quite literally in other mediums. Part of it is also just…the setting likes 'em big.

This “pistol” is easily SMG or short carbine sized (minus any stock), bigger than the dude’s head.


They’re chonky! I’ll betcha they just don’t really know how to make’em small. Technology in 40k is so weird and restrictive that when they stumble on something that works they just kinda make it bigger or smaller as needed and/or possible.


that’s hilarious lol

it’s weird how they stayed true to scale for the heavy laspistols but not the eviscersators.

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As someone who’s always been bothered by “pistols” the size of bazookas and “daggers” the size of swords, I’ve felt your pain since the moment I first laid my eyes on that thing. :joy:

But once I realized the laspistol actually outperforms most rifles, including lasrifles in dmg, I used that for some suspension of disbelief: That it’s really just a short version of a rifle with the same accuracy and none of the drawbacks, and some local comedian thought to name it “pistol”. :sweat_smile:

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Wait, eviscerators are supposed to be bigger?

lasweapons in particular are built playskool, big and hard to break by the hands of illiterate panicky guardsmen. they really don’t care about making them cheaply since as long as they’re durable enough they can just reissue the same gun to 30-40 successive guardsmen as the previous owners…“expend”.

yeah, close to twice the size. a lot of them are double-sided too, but we don’t seem to be getting the versions the esselarchy use which might explain why the darktide ones are on the small side.


My lasgun made of plastic which explodes with the force of a small nuclear weapon the moment I fire it once:

stop sticking foil in the barrel, i don’t care what the cadians say that doesn’t make them shoot gooder.


some of the reasons are for lore as well though not specifically the las pistol for example the bolter and plasma caster are to scale but in case you haven’t noticed the handle and trigger guard largely look more pistol like than rifle like. The reason for this is because they are used as side arms by space marines. To you its a powerful handheld cannon to a space marine it’s a pistol which is why they’re handles and trigger guards look like that, it’s for the Astarties.

Old ones

Current ones

The game evicerator are broad enough, but could use some slight lengthening (though keep in mind that miniatures have upscaled weapons for stability)

Lengthening the weapon now would throw off cleave/reach capabilities.
Would be fking wild tho if they made a new variant that’s true to size.

Would it work ? With stretching the models and such ?

Could see it happen as part of it’s own weapon set, being much heavier