Ironhelm fix, plus other TH problems

Which youtubers do they listen to?

Pretty sure j_sat, though i haven’t seen a video from him since mods came out. the action window said he playtested patch 13. Jtc_live said the same. 2/3 of those are known to be vermintide vets. Dunno if theyre 40k fans. But I suspect its a lot of vermintide vets all the way down which is why combat knives and shovels can kill crushers.

I wonder how many millions of dockets that it will take me to find a good eviscerator to replace my dead Ironhelm? What the hell was fatshark thinking. “There’s an attack on this weapon that most people block cancel to avoid using 99% of the time. What should we do with it? Let’s replace one of the quickest and most accessibly crowd clear swings that hammer has with it.”

On the hammer I want my push attack to make some space. H3 was only useful as something occasionally useful to pull out at the end of a chain of heavies since the preceding heavies would have staggered the opponents near the target. It’s useless where it is now.

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I feel the same. I almost always would prefer to heavy 2. Would only use it if after heavy 2 there was a single bad guy alive I needed dead.

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