Revert change on the Ironhelm moveset

It’s really screwed the gameplay up, I don’t want an overhead heavy after the push shove, I want a sweep because I use push shoves for crowd controlling hordes!!


I have come to also complain about this.
Worst hammer change on a hammer that really really really didn’t need more head. Ironhelm? More like slaghelm after this patch.

This definitely needs Fatshark’s attention.
A good weapon has been ruined.

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Not much more to say. +1

bump. Revert the change fatshark!

Yuuuuuuup. It just feels so much worse. The weapon had an incredible flow to it before even if it was unique. It feels so clunky. There’s just no circumstance where you would ever want to push attack into an overhead. It eats your special charge unless you completely whiff the wide swing push attack, which is just awful. Having access to Heavy 3 would be good, but this way to do it is NOT the right way.


Revert revert revert

Heavy 3 would be great… on the crucis! Haha

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