Ironhelm moveset feels bad now

Following the push attack with the vertical heavy makes no sense and actually gave me ebola (real). Push attacks are for CC, which means that you want to be able to easily combo it into additional horizontal attacks to maintain the pressure on multiple enemies.

The ironhelm never needed access to a vertical attack anyway, since it already cleaves through non-elites when activated. Having it available as a finisher following two light attacks was good enough.

Please consider reverting this change.


preach brother

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I was going to make a whole thread about this, seething in rage because I also (for real) caught ebola from this change. This change is literally idiotic. I mean that. Of the two hammers that needed easier access to a heavy overhead strike the Ironhelm was NOT it. I’m not saying I disliked the Heavy 3 on the ironhelm, it had its niche use cases. But as of right now its a hot dumpster fire.

I recenty tested this change over three games in auric and in the psychanneum and I can confirm that there are no breakpoint advantges to the push attack heavy 3 over the normal heavy 3. There are no advantages to the heavy 3 special over heavy 1 special. The Ironhelm has Heavy CLEAVE ON SPECIAL and did not need easier access to the overhead. The push attack was part of the weapons horde clear chain. It now feels like garbage to use. This change is a DISASTER. This change must be reverted immediately in the next patch.

What a dumb idea.


What they needed to do, instead of this ebola thing (real), was to have the activation not interrupting the chain, so you couldhave access to the powered strikedown attack without the need to miss 2 hits.
This doesn’t make sense.



The challenge of using that weapon was always in avoiding the heavy 3 or the light 2.

For hordes, before the patch, I could heavy 1, 2, pushattack, heavy 2, pushattack heavy 2 until I was out of stam or there was a moment to reset the animation.
Now the heavy 1, 2, followed by light 1 and heavy 2 and light 1 combo is the only way to do it.

The new combo is slower due to the bizarrely long time it takes to play the animation, lower damage, less stagger and cleave. So, just worse all around.

If you push-attack you need to animation reset to not be locked into a vertical strike, which takes valuable time.

We need the heavy 2 to the pushattack or we need the fat trimmed off that animations transitions and the attack speed needs to go up.

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For me I would usually do a H1, H2, P1, H2, H3, H1, H2, P1, H2 or something like that. I don’t mind slinging the H3 in there from time to time to reset the combo but man now I just have no combos on the weapon at all. It is pure garbage, brings nothing to the weapon, and entirely detracts from it.

its not like the first time FS made a perfectly usable and good weapon worse

remember old halberd’s move set
or remember 0,5s zoom on longbow? actually usable zoom in cata, can’t have that…

dunno who is responsable for these changes or is asking for them but they are doing them for some reason

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From memory there are ways to weave activation in without breaking your combo chain. I’m pretty sure I’ve managed to do activation → overhead heavy there was just never a reason to do so before since it had the same damage profile as the sweeps. When I get home tonight I’ll try to remember how I did this and if it still works.

Heavy heavy activation heavy lets you get a special overhead. Not that I ever made much use of it :sweat_smile:

Haven’t tried the adjusted Ironhelm in a game, only psykhanium, but ye, losing the push attack into heavy Sweep doesn’t feel good

Ah so there isn’t even a trick to it, @Vodhawak just asked for something that is already there I guess.

Also light light heavy I’m pretty sure is a much faster route to the overhead.

I feel like that one works as well. Can’t check rn but I’m 95% both combos will let you activate before the heavy 3

Posting to confirm for patch 14.
Light atk 2 → Charge up will lead into Heavy 3 (the overhead).
Heavy atk 2 → Charge up goes back to Heavy 1.
Push atk → Charge up goes to Heavy 2.


I also got ebola (real), however the Omnissiah thankfully delivered me a cure in the form of the new Crusher.

Friendship with Ironhelm is over, Crusher is my new favorite power weapon.


Did you test the damage on the heavy 3 special activation?

No damage difference. Tested on carapace (crusher) and unyielding (plague ogryn).

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So this was just a straight lie then?

Thanks Fatshark. It truly would make too much sense if a strikedown heavy did more single target when activated than a sweeping heavy.


Now I would need to test it, but I assume that it probably does more damage, but not enough to change any breakpoints.

Or it’s equally possible that it’s another certified Fatshark Moment.

Truly a fatshark moment. I made this prepatch 13 to 1 shot mutants.

Both hits landed a charged up Thrust level 3 on headshot.
Heavy 1 (I jumped)

Heavy 3


Same damage. Wonderful…

Did this even work or is it a bug? When I looked at the numbers, I don’t feel it even hits harder… it just hits less targets now…

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Literal garbage weapon with a literal garbage move set with literally no redeeming features. It used to be okay. Now its just a slaghammer.

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