Ironbreakers Ultimate is so meh

why is a pure support ability that does not do any damage so horribly long in cooldown, whilst elf mage and whatever can almost spam their ults every 40 seconds or less.

I understand balance reasoning but being able to pop that ult like only THREE TIMES in a entire match is ridicolous since its also very situational to use it anyway. 30% faster cooldown i say, lemme be a tank and eat damage for the team more often.


Personally I think it’s awesome (I play the IB when playing dwarf,) If the IB wants a concentration pot to get it back faster I’ll share, (when I’m playing as the elf or mage I like them for the boss fights,) but I’ve seen plenty of group wipe avoided with this ability, and I’d happily hand them over if the IB asked.

Guess it comes down to who you play with.

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because balance in this game is a flaming train wreck thats being ignored by a well intentioned dev that thinks they have to fix bugs first and hasnt worked out they actually need to do both and release content all the time.


A mage or waystalker ult is not gonna save a team from a chaos patrol , an IB ult will save entire runs just by pressing one button . Think of balance here , his ult is incredibley powerful and its utility is unparalleled


Thats what kills pug legend and kooperative games.


As I only really play Ironbreaker I am going to have to disagree.

It has saved many a Champion/Legend run from wiping.


Thats asking a lot from a small studio that was also working on a console release and has strict deadlines to work off of due to the nature of their IP agreement.

I like it but my main point of issue is the lack of interactive talents on the Lv25 tier.

The only somewhat direct-impact is choosing between 30% cdr and boss-taunt that might let you knock a boss off a map once every 50 games or stagger them away from teammates. And in most cases you’re going to see IB’s hang onto the ult for so long that 30% cdr is wasted.

I feel like a lot of potential can be picked up in the talents department for many classes to make the game feel more diverse and hope they continue to experiment with it as we progress through patches.

Would also like it to be debunked or verified by a dev whether Resourceful Combatant’s effect and tooltip are currently mis-matched.

What? It’s one of, if not THE most powerful ult in the game. Problem is, most people don’t know when to use it correctly. And the fact that this game doesn’t require tanks even in legend.

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