I'm sorry ironbreaker is completely broken

I honestly can’t believe why nobody has talked about this. Pyromancer and BH are also ridiculous but lets stick to IB for now. These classes are just too good period. However, with the IB, all other characters are just tagging along for the ride because he reks everything.

Shield + axe anti stormies and armor. With 15 seconds immortality u can literally tank a chaos patrol and just wreck them with that hand axe.
With passive, its easy to reach +80 percent block push angle = almost no inefficient blocking because its +80 percent to already impressive 180 degree angle.
Put crit hit on that hand axe for the lulz
Put off-balance trait on axe and shield and debuff every single enemy unit.
Shield has good push, so you WILL stagger and so it makes you very safe.

+60 percent block cost reduction and shield axe and necklace = everything takes off 1/2 - 1 shield makes you completely immortal and can tank forever.

Thats if you drakegun doesn’t burn down everything. + crit +weapon charge cool on crits makes your drakefire able to fire forever. Horde is trivial, they help you to charge hp. Oh your drakegun also burns packmaster to death in the horde and pushes stormies back. You are now locking down 180 degree of the map on your own if not soloing an entire army.
Drakegun barely generates any heat if u don’t charge it to full. You don’t need to anyway because the firing cooldown is so low, u can just stop, hold right click and fire again.

You can get a increase potion duration to charge the ult, which makes you immortal for 15 seconds. you can F and go to the back of a storm patrol or chaos patrol np.

Did I mention u can tank whatever hit every 13 seconds? you can get hit by a boss and literally can’t feel any pain.

This class is clearly broken period IMO.


He is strong yes. Not broken.
Stop bloody calling for nerfs. Its a coop hack and slash, the rng for certain gear is already a massive turn off and if you start gutting chars cause they are “op” and therefore removing the fun from all these chars instead of making others strong and fun in their own way then you may as well kill the game now.
Balancing tweaks yes ofc. But no he is not stupidly strong. He cannot solo a legend chaos patrol without help. He fulfills his fantasy and plays in a fun way to match it. Slayer for example could do with some help in that regard.
Rant off.


Guys, please stop. We will nerf anything and will fight with bare hands. Already too many funny things were nerfed. This is just a coop h&s, not a competitive game.

Too many tryharder


i dunno if he’s broken, but he is insanely easy to carry a run with and in a last man standing situation he’s going to be the one that pulls it off a lot of the times. he is extremely forgiving to play. dunno why people roll so many defensive stats/traits on him either considering he’s inherently tanky. build him as a killing machine and learn to push.

grudgeraker is a ridiculous weapon though. dunno why it’s allowed to kill a special at 30 feet and obliterate anything in its path without requiring even an ounce of aiming, and scrounger giving ammo back on its melee attack makes it easy to sustain.

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I was going to agree with you, but then you actually didn’t point out any of the stuff that makes him truly absurd at Legend.

I mean what, you’re complaining that a character that is designed as a tank can hold enemies off? Come on. And Drakegun? Drakegun is worthless outside of burning trash mobs that come in a narrow corridor, that’s not exactly a Beam or Volley Crossbow tier weapon.

Now if you had written about a dodgedancing 1h hammer wielding player who abuses scavenger on Grudgeraker to have infinite ammo to demolish everything, I would have agreed. But you didn’t.


That does not mean, that it is ok that some charakters are stronge than other.
The only things i would nerf right now are the friendly fire pistols and the flamethrower of the dwarf and the beam staff of the mage.
Many things need a buff tho.
However his melee abilitys and all that other stuff is absolutly ok. We are talking about ironbreakers. Pretty much walking tanks.

i would nerf right now the flamethrower of the dwarf

Why? It has exactly one thing that it does, which is clearing trash in a chokepoint. There are loads of weapons that do this, not to mention that trash enemies aren’t the danger anyways. Its garbage against armored, its garbage against bosses, and its garbage against specials. Seems like a pretty solid design to have a weapon excel in one thing but be weak at others.


I did mention BH and pyro being broken.

Grudgeraker is very good too. I am going to try him more today to see if its the same level as IB.

You can kill stormies with the flamethrower i think.

Agreed. Anyone who cannot see this plain as day fact are just drinking the kool-aid tbf

There aren’t really that many classes that are “stronger than others”. There are classes that are better at certain roles, classes that are better in certain team comps, classes that are better depending on whether you have three bosses spawn on you in a map or your team ends up agroing every StormVermin and Chaos Patrol.

Some classes need some tuning, but really what classes are YOU guys playing that you’re complaining about every hero? I see here:

Sienna kills everything nerf her
Ironbreaker kills everything nerf it
Kerillian kills everything nerf it
volley Bounty hunter kills everything him
Are we all Krubers here? Am I the only one who is fine tanking and supporting the dps?

This is what I’m talking about. There are 15 classes. Some of these need some buffs and tuning and bug fixes. Some are best in certain team comps or on certain deed modifiers or even certain maps. In ONE post you complained about 3 of five heroes, and others love to complain about Kerillian having too much ammo and ranged spam too.

If you’re playing foot knight kruber you just need to understand that your purpose is to help tank, protect your dps, and stun bosses/chaos warriors. If you’re huntsman then even after nerf you have the incredible ability to wreck armored patrols.

As Gorilian pointed out, you didn’t even complain about Bardin’s best stuff. 1h hammer is a lot better than axe/shield in skilled hands. Grudgeraker is far more versatile and can actually kill specials at ranged consistently while your flamethrower boy just has to run helplessly at them or watch them kill your teammates. Flamethrower isn’t very effective at all on levels with few chokepoints.

And of course, if all else fails you could try being social and make friends with players who don’t play ironbreaker, run with them, don’t play games with ironbreakers, or ask them to use different weapons. You can talk to people and ask them things. But you probably should not expect 15 classes to all be equally viable on every possible map config or team comp.

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You need to chill a bit.

I dont say: nerf Sienna and Dwarf.
I sayd nerf beam staff sienna (thats for sure) and nerf freindly fire pistols and flamethrower of the dwarf. Or better: They need adjustment.

Im playing btw. with friends who play dwarf and they all agree.
Beam Staff is just absolutly broken https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqQjw5x0Caw (Players opinnion at the end of the video)

It’s not the heroes that need nerfing. Just the specific parts of those classes/weapons/traits. The fact is that if you instead were to buff all the other classes to match the best ones (BH, Pyro, IB etc…), then the game would become ridiculously easy. It’s easy enough on Legend with a single Pyro Sienna, can you imagine if ALL the classes on all heroes could output that kind of damage? But I dunno, I guess I’m one of those people that enjoys a challenge.

As far as the Ironbreaker goes specifically, it’s the Drakefires that are the most broken, by far. It does the same job as the Drakegun, but can be done on the move, with no down-time, and also kills all ambients and not just the hordes. It’s mostly just the lack of heat these weapons use. In V1 they weren’t so spammable because you’d get overheated too fast; now you can just blast your way through maps without slowing to even vent.

Well, you see, the problem is those things are inexorably intertwined now… It is just a fact that battle mage and ranger are really useless compared to what you get from just a standard ironbreaker. Also, in beta I played as level 1 waystalker with newb gear and get way better damage output than others much higher level than I had been… Yeeee nothing wrong with that picture and they were on exotics and all…

I thought this forum doesnt allow ad hominem. Thats so condescending.

Anyway, you are saying 1h hammer grudgeraker ranger about as good as ironbreaker in general?

You mention that I haven’t “complained” about Bardin’s best stuff. What are other good stuff are there besides grudgeraker and ironbreaker?

beam staff is powerful but not broken. the real problem with it is that certain sienna builds can just ignore overcharge, and that doesn’t have anything to do with the beam staff, or rather the same problem applies to every staff, but beamstaff just happens to be the most versatile one letting sienna be active against everything. Sienna is very squishy and her melee sucks. Yeah, she needs powerful staves.

You’re right about not being alone though, there are quite a few people calling for nerfs to any weapon or class that beats them on the scoreboard. That shouldn’t be how this game is balanced, I think. I like that you can play high risk high reward glass cannon sienna or super tanky last man standing Ironbreaker, and I like that they complement each other to make a good team comp.

If you want 15 classes that you can pick up any one and get top kills on scoreboard I don’t think that is the design vision behind this game and it never will be, so maybe go back and enjoy vermintide 1 or find a real COD type game. I’m being sincere here not trying to insult you. I just think you’d be happier off in a different game instead of begging for a change to this one that will never happen.

I’m not insulting you personally by any means. I just see a general trend of requests here calling for implementation of some sort of function in the game that will automatically ban people below a certain level or they just can’t stand Sienna “stealing all their kills” etc. It is a coop game, you have tools to communicate, you have control over the game you host.

I think a lot of your complaints can be satisfied if you just talk to people. Tell them what you want and if they don’t like it then find someone else to play with.

I saw one guy say “Yeah this might be ok for premades but most of us play in pickups”. Really? You can’t make friends? It isn’t hard, just be a teamplayer, talk to your teammates, help them out, have fun, and if you get along then send them a friend invite and invite them to your game. You can make lots of friends and have a whole list of them an never play with Ironbreaker or Sienna or any class you don’t like.

Some people actually need to be told this because they are so accustomed to authorities controlling so much about their lives. They don’t know what to do with freedom to make their own decisions and associations and control their own experience.

good luck rescuing a teammate being dragged away by a hookrat, or killing any special at significant range with drake weapons. flamerthrower range is too short and the pistols shots drift too much to reliably kill far away specials fast enough to prevent deaths.
the grudgeraker is the best allround bardin weapon you can be sure is valuable on every map and in the tightest situations. with the drakes you are shoehorned into playing a certain way. without chokepoints flamethrow is pretty bad, and drakepistol is pretty bad when a lot of specials are eating you.