Is Ironbreaker Bardin seriously easy mode?

I am by default a serious legend player.

Now I am least experienced with Bardin - and recently started playing him. But after maining Elf, Kruber, Saltz, Sienna - basically EVERYONE else, I am finding his character to be quite, whats the word - stupidly easy?!

How does Ironbreaker Bardin fit in balance wise with the rest of the crew? He doesnt because he is practically unkillable. Are you serious Fatshark? Man we need some balance because Ironbreaker is insanely easy on Legend. Give him that broken ass Drakegun that can stagger elites like nothing and vaporize entire hordes, IB Bardin is a SERIOUS joke to play.

Did you intend to make this character like easy mode for Vermintide 2? Because playing him is so effin easy, and I apologize for my French, but there is nothing effing legendary or skillful about playing with him. Its a joke right?

After maining Elf at level 30+451 I am just finding Bardin to be 10 times easier with all the free hits he can absorb. LOL its seriously not even fair.

Just my observation that any Joe can play this toon without a care in the world, just really robs you of the skill needed to play any other squish career.


I do agree that Ironbreaker is a bit strong, but mocking and ridiculing is generally not the way you want that opinion to get through to others.

It certainly doesn’t add anything to the argument, and doesn’t do anything to explain what you believe the problem with Ironbreaker is.

With that out of the way, what do you suggest be done to make Ironbreaker less “stupidly easy - a serious joke to play”?


In all fairness with respect to career balance, they need to increase the duration of time to absorb free hits. At least double it. As he is now, he is way too strong. I did not realize how strong he is until I started playing him this week. Its his career passive that needs tweaking. Thats what makes him so bloody strong.

My point being that legend games should rightfully demand a certain skill level and competence to successfully beat. And with that in mind, IB Bardin has what I perceive as a significant advantage in survivability that trumps a players skill level. Thats what my point is.

So what would be the most appropriate response without sounding like a rant; keep the gromril armor … absorb a hit… but maybe once every minute. The duration is too short right now practically taking the skill factor away from the player. Thats unfair to everyone else that needs to be more careful than IB

I’m assuming by career passive you’re referring to Gromril Armor, and what you’re saying is basically to just increase the cooldown to a minimum of 40 seconds (double it’s current cooldown at 20 seconds), correct?

Again, I agree, 20 seconds is pretty low for a passive that lets you absorb an entire hit, but I’d rather only increase it by 10 seconds, up to a 30 second cooldown.

While the ability to completely nullify an entire hit is a big deal, it’s only a single hit, and it can be triggered by any enemy, including Skavenslaves.

Even if only increased by 10 seconds, there would still be a sizable gap between each proc of the passive.

The talent that lets him reduce the cooldown of Gromril Armor, Tunnel Fighter, would thus reduce it to 20 seconds, it’s current cooldown, instead of down to 13 seconds.

I would, however, be fine with a higher cooldown, but only if it meant there was some way for the Ironbreaker to decrease the cooldown, thus promoting more interactive gameplay.

Also, yes, of course Ironbreaker has a significant advantage in survivability. He’s a Tank (sort of), that’s what he’s supposed to have, that’s the main reason why you would want to play Ironbreaker over the Ranger or the Slayer in the first place.

The thing is he’s supposed to sacrifice raw damage output for that added survivability, which I’m guessing isn’t the reality of the situation?

I mean, I certainly wouldn’t mind Ironbreaker being incredibly hard to kill, if it meant it took him 5 hits just to kill a single Clan Rat.

Well what compounds the issue is while equipped with a drakegun, and his dual hammers for melee. He actually kills most everything in quite outstanding fashion preventing him from ever being really surrounded. Fact is, IB Bardin can easily kill most things, except high-range specials. But the tradeoff is not balanced as is. He can kill everything thats a threat a little too well, and even if a threat comes close or during an ambush, his margin for error is quite obscenely large in majority of situations. IMO, the easiest character to play is IB Bardin. Need to nerf that Gromril armor passive for sure.

I feel SO bad for Elf or Merc or WHC, any squish career. They face situations every game that they are practically fighting for their lives and force tactical positioning because 1 or 2 hits means they are downed and out. IB Bardin barely if ever, gets into this type of tense situation. Its just not really fair or balanced

I would say he is 2nd easiest class to play, but lack some serious damage, gromlir armor is his best passive, and if its even 30 s it wont made a change because if you are half decent at dodging you gonna get hit not that often.
Problem is that his worst trait was that he was low dps, but with dlc weapons that counter its and its very powerfull class, nearly cheese as elf

I respectfully disagree, Elf classes take some inherent skill and competence to play well. Does not strike me as cheesy. Cannot compare any elf class with IB Bardin actually only somewhat comparable to Zealot, but IB Bardin is easier by FAR

Drake gun, disgusting… Don’t bring that thing in my games.

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Zealot needs his passive reversed
Ironbreaker is too tanky
Elf needs shittier weapons
Shade needs to be cut a head shorter

Balance restored!

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It would be a nice thing if hordes where an actual threat dough.

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It’s more the Drake gun sucking up all my free temp HP and knocking back elites that I’m trying to head shot. It’s just a horrible weapon for team play… You can get away with it in normal QP legend, but on deeds and hyper twitch it’s rather annoying unless you’re actually communicating on VOIP. Even in normal legend, I’ve seen it more than enough times. IB mouth breather spamming fire while grim holder is on 5HP trying to get temp. Just seems to be mostly spastics using it.

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Well its shows that you don’t teamplay with it then or you just played with ppl who don’t even think about how to use it (and thats probably it).

Well I would like to see more drakeguns than elf on same level, runing into hordes and dying :smiley:

That’s the point they aren’t a threat they are hp packs.
If you could only loose hp in engagements you would start to appreciate cc weapons.
And sure staggering huge numbers of elites can be good and bad.



I cant say I am a Bardin expert but after playing with him and his loved/hated drakegun, I can see how this weapon trivializes most things. Like face patrols, ambush hordes, etc

I have also rightly received feedback that some people really are not a fan of drakeguns blinding firewalls and sucking up everyones kills.

But to be honest, more times than not, I steamroll the map with any team with IB Bardin and drakegun. As long as someones killing specials competently IB just literally cleans house

So wouldn’t cutting down on his ability to deal large amounts of damage be the most logical thing to do then?

You know, so he gets to keep his tankiness, which he’s supposed to have, and leaves the raw damage output to his other careers, which they’re supposed to have?

Also, don’t act like the “squishy” careers are made out of wet tissue paper and that you “feel SO bad for them.”

“Elf”, which I assume includes both Waystalker, Handmaiden, and Shade, is by no means defenseless.

Waystalker gets free health regen below a certain health threshold, and can gain a large sum of temporary health from activating her career ability, if the talent is picked up for it.

Handmaiden has longer dodge distance than other characters, and provides a stamina regeneration aura for her entire team.

Shade has a 10 seconds long invisibility which, provided the situation, can be even more beneficial than just blocking a single hit, as it could potentially bypass an entire horde.

WHC has a knock back, and light attack blocks from the front don’t cost stamina.

And Mercenary isn’t even squishy at all. Much like WHC, his career ability is a knock back, and by combinung Battle Scars with Mercenary’s Pride and Inspirational, you have temporary health for days.

So while yes, they can’t just stand still and take hits like it was nothing, we shouldn’t really act like they’re completely defenseless either.

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Wow, you got really good and spent a ton of hours playing a squishy character, so now a tanky character feels too survivable and easy? Craziness!


Really though, after 1400 hours, regular legend with any character and weapon combo is going to feel “easy”.


Well I am just speaking of raw game mechanics and after 1400+ hrs in V2 I feel I have mastered the fundamentals. Side dodge patterns, incoming horde handling, positioning, all the stuff that takes 100s of hours to master. The stuff you master so that even as a squish career you dont go down in a game, at all.

All I am saying is that IB Bardin is just way too easy to play in Legend as compared to anyone else, thats just my opinion.

Are you playing with dlc weapons or not ?

Yeah I got his dual hammers … and its pretty fast and powerful