Ironbreaker using Slayer voice lines

Last CW run Ironbreaker was talking about how x would be a good way to fulfill his Slayer oath, despite the fact he was IB and not Slayer. I’m not sure when this started but it seems careers in general are sometimes, very rarely using other careers’ voice lines atm.

He asks “Which of the Dark Gods would be a Slayer’s dream”. This implies he means it “in general” and not specifically in relation to himself.

This voiceline plays on all dwarf careers.

The only slayer exclusive dialogue i´ve heard is when someone asks about which dark god is the worst to which bardin(slayer) goes off about khorne and battle without honor&oath being bad.

Keri pretty quickly slams him with something to the lines off “You’re one to talk”.

The one I heard was something about this being a good way to fulfill the Slayer oath, nothing about the Dark Gods.

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