Ironbreaker-Assassin Glitch

I had this very strange glitch occur to me recently. I’ve certainly never experienced it or heard of it happening before. It appears that my teammate got assassinated, but I took the damage for him (which was very confusing at the time). It may have had something to do with the Ironbreaker taunt, but I’m not certain. This is all I have in terms of information on it.

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CW picked the talent for bleed damage, obviously.


There are some other very weird things going on with damage being taken. I’ve seen games where I was being FFed by a fireball staff even though I was miles behind Sienna while she was clearing a horde in front of her, and some other cases where I took small amounts of damage for no apparant reason even though there was nothing around me. I have a creeping suspicion that your problem is also related into this, where damage is not being correctly taken.


I experienced the same.

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lol. Versus mode ain’t out yet :skull:

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…why was my reply flagged? It was a light hearted joke in reply to another joke. Seriously, what am I missing?

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You’re not the only one questioning those flags :wink:

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How many people have to flag something before it’s “hidden” like that?

its offtopic why do you expect it not being flagged?

A: the comment I replied to was of the same substance and wasn’t flagged
B: it wasn’t an intrusive or inappropriate conversation in a thread for a bug report. It was a meager, good humored reply that was better left alone than flagged. This has wasted more time and drawn more attention from the initial bug report than my comment ever would have.

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