Shade ultimate bugged still

Shade’s cloak of mist is still bugged with no guaranteed crit when invisible. Cloak of pain is also bugged with no guaranteed crit during the second phase of her ultimate. Please fix ASAP.


The darned thing about both of these is that the present situation is a case of them doing what they are supposed to according to their descriptions.

It feels like a coinflip on the question on “Are these bugs or not?”

The acknowledgement tag is just saying that they´ve seen the post and sent it to the people doing the coding, we wont ever know the answer unless a bugfix is launched with a patch stating that it is a bug.

Until then it may be a bug that they cant find a fix for or it may be intended but we have no way to know.

If it wasn’t a bug, wouldn’t it get the “not-a-bug” tag?

You´d think so, but, the first tag “acknowledged” only states that it has been forwarded to people who work on checking&fixing that stuff and that the community managers dont know for sure what it is.

In this case however getting a “not a bug” tag would mean we know for sure it´s an intended balance change but there have been past cases of Hedge and the balancing people not communication with eachother (resulting in patch notes missing a fair bit of stuff) and Hedge not knowing what was going on.

This could be such a case in which a manager might also think it´s a bug, thus forwarding it and acknowledging it, adding it to the long, veeeery long, list of bugs that some poor sods are slowly working through…Then we´d be waiting here until they hit this case and go “ah this is not a bug”.

However i do recall that Fatshark were quick to answer previously which would suggest that it´s more likely that this is a bug rather than their internal comms being just that delayed and unclear. I hope.

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