Invisible dwarf flamethrower flames

In a recent game of VT2 I was playing with another player who was using the dwarf with the flamethrower, and could not see the flames from the flamethrower. Though comically enough, many of the hordes kept bursting into flame. Just thought I should mention the bug.


I had the same thing happen to me today, everyone else in the party could see them but me, might be a settings thing but I’m not sure

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2/4 of us in game could not see the flames from the dwarfs noob cannon or Siennas flamethrower. So yea, it’s most likely a settings issue.

I play with high settings for everything, but depth of field, lens flare, motion blur and like 2 other settings down the bottom turned off. Can’t remember them off the top of my head. Just the annoying screen effects I turn off. If that helps narrow it down…

Had another game where the flamethrower’s flames were visible a little bit after I posted this. I didn’t change any of the settings so I’m a little confused and decided to take some time to mull it over.

Completely talking out my posterior, but is it possible it’s affected by the other player’s settings, or could it just be random?

We ran double flamethrower on the twins + vanguard event and i could see sienna’s flames but not bardin’s so im guessing its more than graphic settings

Sienna flamethrower and Bardins was invisible for me. Then another Bardin joined for the next game and I could see his flamethrower lol. So I really have no idea what’s going on

Been happening since Patch 1.6.1 nearly a month ago: [1.6.1] Can't see flames coming from Ironbreaker's Drakegun and Sienna's Flamestorm Staff

Most likely not a settings issue as I had the same settings before 1.6.1. I’ve also noticed that if the host is the one that is using the Drakegun, then I will be able to see their flames. If they are a client, then I won’t see their flames.

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