[1.6.1] Can't see flames coming from Ironbreaker's Drakegun and Sienna's Flamestorm Staff

Issue Summary: As of Patch 1.6.1, I can’t see flames coming from Bardin Ironbreaker’s Drakegun / flamethrower in third-person. I can see the flames on the enemies being burned though. Have not tried in first-person. EDIT: As of Apr. 03 I’ve also noticed this for Sienna’s Flamestorm / flamethrower staff.

EDIT: As of Apr. 17, I’ve noticed that if the host is the one that is using the Drakegun, I will be able to see their flames. If they are a client, then I won’t see their flames.

I’ve played on two maps (one a regular Legend game, and another the current weekly, both in Righteous Stand) with another player who has a Drakegun. In both cases, I’ve not seen flames coming out of their Drakegun even if I am hearing it shooting flames, getting friendly fired by it and seeing enemies being burned and staggered by it.

Reproduction Rate: Constant (100%)

[Screenshot and/or Video Evidence]

Sienna’s Flamestorm Staff

All video settings are set to lowest or off except for: FOV - 85, Cap framerate - 60, Max Stacking Frames - Auto, Gamma - 2.3, Particle Quality - Medium, Ambient Light Quality - High, Auto-exposure speed - 1.3, Anti-aliasing - FXAA, Sharpness Filter and Bloom - On,

[Session Console Log]
console-2019-04-01-12.58.00-9f1bf9c8-6c52-4d8f-b772-d614105282f0 can’t see drakegun flames.log (3.9 MB)

Adding these bug reports from other players of the same issue:

This player also confirms the same issue for Bardin’s Drakegun and Sienna’s flamethrower staff: https://steamcommunity.com/app/552500/discussions/8/1770385542784841323/

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That’s hilarious.

In an attempt to fix Bardin’s Drakegun’s flames from not disappearing, they now don’t appear at all.

The layers of irony truly are T H I C C here.

Being honest, I do hope they get around to fixing this soon, hopefully whilst also having the flames disappear.

Yep, that’s certainly one way of fixing the persistent flame issue.

Well, the patch was released on April 1st. So there’s that. :smiley:

I’m also not able to see fire balls of fellow players mid flight the explosions are visible dough.

Just go ahead and remove the weapon, easy fix. Please, seriously, remove it. Lol, I don’t ask for much, help a brother out.

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i hope they NEVER fix that, now i dont care for IB players who meme drakegun because i can see clearly now.

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yea, I just noticed today that I can’t see the flames either. It’s so much better, like amazingly better. I wouldn’t mind if this never got fixed either. But I’m still hoping they will remove the drakegun one of these days, or at least remove the knock back.

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