I'd like to fight but I can't see anything

Is there anyway we can get the dwarf’s flamethrower animation changed as if one is used near you, you can’t see a rat 1 foot infront of you. All you see is flames and it obscures your view of everything. It’s extremely irritating.


i was about to make a joke about how you shouldn’t be playing vermintide if you are blind… but it would be pretty lame

i honestly think this is the intended design. when you are using a FLAMETHROWER, you shouldn’t be able to see anything in front of you.


Dont use the flame thrower if it’s irritating you , maybe ? :man_shrugging:

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as if one is used near you

He’s not the one using it, so how could he stop using it?

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He’s not the one using it. It’s a dorf using it while someone’s in melee and blinding everyone. It doesnt happen with the wizard but for some reason, they felt dorf flamethrower needed to be a solid block of colour that blinds everyone who wants to play melee.

Not an issue on champ ofc but its all too common on vet.

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I’m glad at least some people here can read :joy:

had a champion game with a dorf that pretty much rushed forward eagerly with his flamer EVERYTIME there was a horde call. it was a beautiful thing to see. all 3 of us would cover the flanks, and he would just melt anything coming through the bottleneck.

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Apologies for my previous reply , was early in the morning and i misread so lemme quickly answer your post for you : Learn proper positioning and the flamethrower wont bother you . Chances are your positioning is off if you’re fighting in flames . Better ?

Trust me the effect was far worse in the closed beta…Either ask your dwarf to shoot from a different angle or kick any player using this weapon. One of the wizard’s staffs has a similar effect. Its pretty to look at, but in melee combat can cost you you life. I find both weapons interesting gimmicks, but they are not needed for a good team. Dwarf controls waves far better with hammers or a shield. Wizard is far better at DPS than crowd control.

really? obnoxious and terrible suggestion.

a good team with will find it useful for horde clearing. sure, not needed, just like any other singular weapon.


The Drakegun for the Ironbreaker is a great weapon for clearing trash hordes. Might not kill specials, but it thins the crowd so your team can have an easier time with the specials.

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