FLAMER - A plea to bring back the old FX

My gosh what happened to the awesome effects of the flamer? I wanted to play Zealot purely to fulfill the power fantasy of using the flamer, which before perfectly captured the weapon as I had imagined it. It was so fun, so satifying to see fire just fill the area. Even if my teammates were using it instead, it was so enjoyable to see fire engulf hundreds of enemies in a bright spectacular fashion.

Now it looks like the flame effects are something from Turok 2 on Nintendo 64. Seriously what? I understand it was likely toned down for visual clarity, but then why not at least make a toggleable graphics option to opt for the original? I care less about competive advantage and more about an enjoyable experience.

Seriously, please bring back or allow a toggleable option for the old flamer effects!


yeah, I leveled my Zealot to 30 during the beta, and at release worked on my Ogryn. Went back to my Zealot today and was so sad to see how piddly the flamethrower looks now. I loved the old effects, it felt so satisfying.

Wait they changed the effect?

agreed, the beta effcts were much better

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yeah, flamethrower looks/feels like a little fire NERF squirt gun now

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