I want my fire back

I miss the beta flamethrower so much… I know it didn’t really get “nerfed” in launch but the vfx got toned down so much. The fire plume in beta looked so good and was really satisfying. Now using it feels like running around with a lighter and an aresol can. I get that it was maybe hard to see through but man the fun factor loss hits pretty hard. I just wanna be a crazy fire boy. I miss spouting a wall of fire into a hallway and watching hordes just disappear behind a wall of flame.


well the other 3 are having more fun now so take solace in that :wink:

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Ogryn is huge, big enough to eat the whole screen, psyker got to keep their flamethrower effects. How come they only hit the one with limited ammo.

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well its a start hopefully the psyker one will get destroyed to , thier traps anyway

No one likes the pyromaniacs *

*the same applied to the fire staff in V2.

Never minded any of it myself, fire staff was never crippling, neither was bardin’s flame thrower. The darktide one doesn’t even have friendly fire so you never even have to bother trying to position around it.

it is mainly the visibility for other players which can be annoying.

As a psyker main, I can tell you the purge staff’s visual effects were also toned down. This was a good idea, it was too difficult for myself or anyone else on the team to see when using its secondary fire.

Edit: and on that note, I also think they should tone down the explosion effect from void staff. It’s fine for anyone not in melee, but it blinds the hell out your zealot/power sword vet if they’re trying to cleave through a horde.

I hope they bring the old fire effects back, and makes it so the rest of the group sees silhouettes of enemies inside the fire so it does not remove their visibility. The new one just looks so bad I won’t use it purely how bad it looks/feels.

I actually like being able to see what I’m aiming at with the new effects