[Internet connectivity backend] Backend error 1127


Can’t tell you what is triggering this, jhappens occasionnaly in your game since WoM released officially. I even saw this in a streamed game from FuPlaayz. Happens only in the keep seems !

First we get this message :

Second message is backend error 1127 : QUIT_GAME :

While no internet issue at all :slight_smile:

Here happened in the modded realm, but it does in the official realm too.

Hope you’ll find a fix, never got this before WoM patch.

Thanks for reading.

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Error still happens

Happened just now, fired up a game and crashed.

console-2019-09-20-13.44.11-46bc5634-02c8-4099-9af1-33d8d2c9aeca.log (450.0 KB)

No1 fix again. Latest fixed the sound, so other missing sounds found and this patch caused for me a painfully long waiting time for the beloved Backed error message. Keep up!

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