Instant crash upon startup after QoL update

The game instantly crashes upon start up, with this error code and nothing else: GUID: d9b80f7d-cf2c-4006-a5db-5d3cd0a29677 Log File: Info Type: ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- [Crash Link]: crashify://d9b80f7d-cf2c-4006-a5db-5d3cd0a29677 And I’ve tried reverifying multiple times, each time it says there is a missing file and that it will replace it, I’ve tried redownloading it after full deletions twice, yet nothing seems to work. Thank you in advance!

Do you have the latest updates for Windows installed?

Yes I do, it asks to install the windows thing, then it asks to quick update the EAC, and then it crashes, if it helps it says something about session error and the number 1223 when it crashes as well

When you’re prompted to install the Easy Anti-Cheat update, do you proceed or decline it?

I accept the EAC, and it crashes leading to a EAC crash report as well

Would you be able to screenshot the crash report from Easy Anti-Cheat please? :slight_smile:

of course! I’ll send another message with that attached :slight_smile:

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