Input Device Issues and Suggestions


  • The game forces a switch of input devices if it detects any input from the other device. This is cumbersome, especially when we’re forced to use a keyboard shortcut for push-to-talk.

  • The game seems to have trouble with gamepads in general.

    • Sometimes I’ll be in the middle of a game, it will be stop recognizing my gamepad (xbone controller), and it will take upwards of 5 - 10 seconds to register it again after unplugging and replugging it. I know some will read this and be like, “it’s just five seconds,” but during tense moments in Darktide that’s more than enough to kill you.
    • I’ve had this happen with different gamepads, different cords, and different computers, so I don’t believe it’s a hardware issue on my end.
    • Gamepad input for menus have a history of being left broken for long periods of time in Darktide. For instance, Hadron’s upgrade menus are currently borked for gamepads.
  • Other times, if I’m trying to use the push to talk keybind or the in-game chat while using a gamepad, it won’t work until I grab my mouse and click somewhere in the game window.


  • Combine gamepad and m&kb inputs into one control scheme instead of switching between them.
  • On gamepads, let us use the up button on the d-pad (currently unused) for push-to-talk.
  • Let us kiss Hadron

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