Controller/keyboard emulator issues

I’m trying to help my brother who suffers from a disability that makes using a keyboard and mouse impossible. He plays using a controller, but due to that same disability, often needs to rebind controller inputs to make them more accessible.
While the game does offer controller support, it does not natively allow rebinding, so I’ve tried to “bridge the gap” by using a keyboard emulator software (Keysticks). This works somewhat, but presents a new issue; the game and the emulator “fight” for control. This causes UI flickering, input delay, and other issues as the game detects rapidly alternating keyboard and controller inputs.

Is there a way to either disable native controller support so that he can use, exclusively, Keysticks? Or does anyone here have a workaround such as an alternate emulator that’s more reliable, or perhaps something that “masks” controller input so that the game doesn’t detect a controller in the first place? etc?

Alternatively, is there any timeline on support for controller customization for the native support in-game?

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Hey @LinearParadox,

I don’t have an immediate suggestion/solution unfortunately, however I’ve passed this on for discussion internally, and have added this to our database to be looked at - thank you!

I discovered a workaround, I’ll detail it below in case it helps anyone else. Might make a detailed guide at a later date.

If you set up Steam Controller support, then edit the input settings to effectively “blank out” all button functionality, you can essentially 0 out the input that’s detected by the game as “controller input”, then use a third-party keyboard emulator program to sim the controller inputs as keyboard/mouse input.
It’s basically just setting up a “layer” of dead input between the controller and the game by using Steam’s controller support as a null input.

Hope that helps!

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