Infiltrate/Leap issues

There are some issues with vision when you use Shade’s infiltrate or Slayer’s leap, often you can’t see gas cloud at all. You can somehow see the globe flying, but if it drops from behind you just start taking tromendous ammount of damage, not understanding where should you go. Pairing with an absurd amount of damage from globe ditect hit/gas cloud damage it feels a little absurd.

Yes, There are some other visual problems with this ulties, but globes/gas clouds are the real pain in the ass.

Don’t look at the gas cloud, look at the acid on the floor.

There is some issues when using small arms. There is a lot of smoke, and I can barely see where I am shooting. PLEASE FIX!

I agree, the smoke cloud is impossible to see and unfortunately the acid on the ground is difficult to see in a lot of environments. I’ve had a lot of deaths as shade where I was busy doing something else when the globe landed, and then tried to go rescue a downed teammate or something and walked right into it.

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