Gas Visibility While B&W (and other screen filters)

There are some parts of the game where it’s REALLY hard to tell when there’s gas around (particularly when the less-than-stellar audio is acting up) with the Black and White screen filter, such as the finale event in Convocation of Decay. Some sort of more noticeable graphic (or a color tweak) could help mitigate that.

Assuming, of course, it’s not intentional.


Not just the Wound filter, but any filter at all. Shade/HS/RV invisibility, Zealot’s speed buff, Slayer’s speed buff… All put out a screen filter that in some places hinder general visibility quite a lot (Athel Yenlui, I’m looking at you), and in many (most?) places hinder your ability to discern gas clouds and even troll bile puddles. I have fallen a few times as Slayer because of that.


Also it doesn’t help when the splatter texture on the ground can blend into the ground texture in B&W, or just clip into the ground completely, making it almost impossible to gauge the area the gas is covering.

Gas invisible when dropping on any obstacle (rock, log, box, dead rat ogre).

There are some reaaallly frustrating places to be under Slayer ult especially I find. Being half blind and totally deaf to special/horde/boss alerts is a pain.

Yesterday I was killed by ninja-monks. No sound made, insta-death.

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