Incorrect Animation Calls for Bolter Draw/Staged Reload

Issue Description: The Locke pattern bolter, whenever drawn, plays the final staged reload step instead of its apparent proper draw animation. Conversely, when interrupting and returning to the final staged reload, the bolter cocks and readies to fire roughly twice as quickly; meaning when neutral drawing it is ready to fire twice as slow as intended.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Draw the Bolter from neutral, in the Psykanium for convenience. Observe the long, slow, straight-vertical full bolt racking animation. Takes about two seconds.
  2. Fire the Bolter.
  3. Reload the Bolter. Observe the same long, slow, straight-vertical full bolt racking animation as the final reload step. Seems odd.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3, interrupting the reload just after the magazine has been slammed home.
  5. Redraw the Bolter stopped at its final staged reload.
  6. Observe that the final stage of the normal continuous reload animation does NOT play, and instead a much zippier animation is called, in which the bolter is held diagonal-forward as the player character checks the chamber rather than fully racking, and is ready to fire much more quickly, in about one second.**

As far as being able to emergency draw and magdump, it’s current bugged tech to reach the final reload stage and stay there rather than finishing the reload; this is obviously incongruous and wrong. The bolter is even more sluggish than intended, and does not feel good in that respect.

Reproduction Rate: Constant (100%). The animation calls are explicitly wrong, someone got them backwards.

Additional note: Every single ranged weapon needs to be gone over for similar jank. I have little doubt that there are other with a backwards neutral draw/final reload stage, or a missing neutral draw call (for a faster neutral/fully loaded animation that may not even exist at present) with the final reload stage in its place. For that matter, full chamber reloads vs empty chamber reloads don’t exist, or not as distinct animations. Snuck feedback into the bug report, what’re you gonna do, stab me?


This explains the existence of the massive switch time. Makes more sense to be a misplaced animation than a specific decision.

I hope this gets resolved; currently the bolter just isn’t particularly fun to play with the constant frustration of the long switch.

Just got the (Locke MB IIIb Spearhead boltgun) and am having the same issue, makes the gun unusable as the entire purpose of pulling it out as a “trump card” vanishes. The reload and low ammo make it unusable to keep the weapon out, so I am hoping it is just an animation bug :crossed_fingers: