BoltGun Animation issue(?)

Issue Description:
2nd half of reload animation plays, whenever Boltgun is pulled out (taking a solid 2-3 full seconds to pull the bolt back, even if it was JUST reloaded, or the animation JUST played but the weapon wasn’t used ie: swapping to melee then swapping back, getting knocked down, using the scanner, etc.)

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Equip BoltGun
  2. Join any mission
  3. Pull out Boltgun (whether it’s swapping weapons, throwing a grenade, or pulling out the weapon after having it put away for ANY reason)
  4. 2nd half of reload animation plays

I’m playing on Steam

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Don’t have any screenshots or recordings available, but it’s easily reproducable. Is it a balancing thing? Honestly, its infuriating because it’s gotten me killed so many times, but because it’s just the 2nd half of the reload animation it seems more like a bug.