Boltgun double handle pull

Issue Description:
Whenever I switch from melee weapon to Bolt gun, character pulls the handle to charge a round (I guess), which is expected I assume. But the issue is that when I fire all rounds and magazine is empty and I switch to melee weapon and back, character pulls the handle to charge nonexistent bullet (since the magazine is empty), then the character inserts new magazine and then pulls the handle again. This is not only nonsense but what ismore important, it adds more unnecessary duration to already lengthy animation.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Equip Boltgun
  2. Fire all rounds in the magazine
  3. Switch to melee weapon before character reloads a gun
  4. Switch back to boltgun
  5. Observe pulling of handle, replacing a magazine and pulling of handle again

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Reproduction Rate:
100 %

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Video evidence: Warhammer 40000 Darktide Double Handle Pull - YouTube

You don’t even need to expend all ammo.

Put the bolter away, pull it out. It will Ready animate every time, even if you swap immediately to sword and back again.

Get thrown / knocked around by a charger? Re-ready the weapon, even if it was already your primary.

Out of ammo and swap back to it after a fight, you re-ready it, then reload and ready again.

I don’t know if you tried to do this for balance against the bolter, but it makes absolutely no sense to repeatedly ready a weapon, you should actually be expending ammo each time you do this since the intention is to put a round in the chamber. There is no animation for making safe, which means the Boltgun is already stowed in a Ready state.

Video of boss kill where you ready multiple times.

Video of stowing an empty Boltgun and equipping it.

as somebody who knows how guns work, this animation is very frustrating and implies whoever made the gun animations doesnt know how guns work.
as every time i switch to the boltgun or get staggered i pull back the charging handle, which logically would eject a live round for no reason


Not sure how this is Acknowledged as “Not a Bug”, unless Fatshark are intentionally ignorant of how weapons work?

There is a 3second delay whenever you perform an action with this weapon because of this.

This animation also occurs when you get thrown around, Ie Explosive barrel, Pox Exploders or Monstrosity throws.

It occurs when you activate the Vets ultimate ability, which is just a double “Ready” action.


I see that this received not-a-bug trait, but I have to disagree as I’m 100 % sure this is a bug because I made a following observation:

  • If I switch to melee and back to Boltgun immediately after emptying magazine, animation of pulling handle and chambering non-existent (magazine is empty ) bullet is played before putting new magazine.
  • If I switch to melee and back to Boltgun a little bit later, animation of pulling the handle is not played before putting new magazine.

This means that difference in when you interrupt the reload animation causes different sequence of animations during reload.

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How many times do you want me to Ready this? Pull it out, Ready, Reload, Ready, Activate ability, Ready.


As a proof, I have uploaded both scenarios in one video: Warhammer 40000 Darktide - Boltgun reload bug - YouTube
As you can see, in the first case, I’m switching to meleeimmediately after magazine is emptied. Upon switching to melee weapon and back again, handle is pulled on empty magazine before putting a new magazine.
In the second case, I’m switching to melee with approx 300 ms delay after emptying magazine. As you can see, character does not pull the handle on empty magazine in this case, so the first animation from previous sequence is skipped.
This inconsistency in boltgun behavior suggests that this is a bug.

Just found out.

If you ADS + Activate Vet ability, you don’t Ready the weapon.
If you Hipfire + Activate Vet Ability, You Ready the weapon.

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Not going to let this thread be buried. Having to go through this animation every time you swap to it means you are essentially out of any fight for 2-3 seconds each time.

That is a long time, if you’re sitting there watching your teammates fighting / shooting and you’re stuck in this animation lock (reloading) for 7 seconds, it’s pretty jarring and makes you feel useless with the weapon.

For as strong as it is, the recoil & sway already present stop it from being a fairly accurate powerhouse unless you have the time to take your shots anyway. This artificial limitation is not reuqired.


Is this going to be addressed now the game is live?

Certain weapons always do a ready animation when you take them out, by design. That is why this is labeled as “not a bug”. That doesn’t mean they won’t address it. It has been acknowledged, which is all you can really hope for. Now we wait.

You’ll be very unimpressed to learn that the devs think this is “balancing” the bolter.

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The only issue here is that if you have 0 ammo it should skip the ready animation and just start reloading.

Slow weapon swap times are there discourage quick swapping to ranged weapons while in melee combat. It forces you to be more intentional with your gun usage, and as a trade-off they can make the guns way stronger like the bolter or the helbore.

If you want to weave in ranged shots with your melee then try the shotgun or another weapon with fast swap times.

Yes, I can confirm that bug I reported is about readying a weapon with 0 rounds in magazine. Anther fact that confirms this is not intended is that this ready animation is not played on empty magazine if you switch to melee weapon with a short delay (this is demonstrated in my second video) and also the fact that you can actually cancel this extra handle pull at the beginning by pressing reload button.

CM must have misunderstood what I’m trying to report. To summarize this, I’m not reporting readying of weapon each time I switch to bolt gun, but I’m reporting two handle pull animations in a sequence when switching to bolt gun which has empty magazine.

Its more than just the Ammo reloading animation. This is a needless animation lock which applies to multiple aspects of the game.

As you can see here, you can cancel it by animation swapping or doing something else, but it prevents you from using the weapon for 3s. There’s no need for it.

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