Inaccuracies in the phrasing of descriptions

All bonuses of the type +x% critical damage, +x% weakspot damage and +x% critical weakspot damage.

These bonuses do not increase the overall damage of a critical hit or a weakspot hit by x%.
They only increase the additional damage that was dealt (in comparison to a regular hit) due to the hit being a crit or a weakspot hit.
The bonuses work so counterintuitively, that almost every player is misinformed about how they actually work.
Based on the values of these bonuses, it seems like even the developers who picked the numbers, thought that the bonus % would apply to the entire damage of the qualifying attack (in most cases, the actual dmg increase from such a +10% bonus is ~3% on a qualifying attack).

The bonuses should be renamed to “+x% critical bonus damage”, “+x% weakspot bonus damage” and “+x% critical weakspot bonus damage” in order to accurately reflect what they do.
Alternatively, the bonuses should be changed to be a multiplier for the entire damage of an attack that crits and/or hits a weakspot (since the number values are far too low to be useful with the way those effects currently work).

Inconsistend Capitalization of the word “Dodge Distance” (Dodge distance).
Such bonuses usually are capitalized in the stats listing as well as in the descriptional text (as can be seen in the images).
In the details of the “Mobility” modifier, the word “distance” from “Dodge distance” is not capitalized when used in the descriptional text.
As far as i am aware, this is the case for all weapons that have a mobility stat with the word “Dodge distance” in the description.


There are many more inconsistencies regarding capitalization in the descriptions of Blessings.

No Respite, Pinpointing Target, Thrust, Blaze Away, Unstable Power
The description “Up to x%” is incorrect. It is x% per stack.
In case of Unstable Power, the ability to stack as well as the max number of stacks are not mentioned.
In case of No Respite, the max number of stacks is not mentioned.
In case of Pinpointing Target, the words “target” and “special” are not capitalized, but should be.

Punishing Fire
How many are “several”?
Also, the text says “…with you weapon special…” instead of “your”.

Inspiring Barrage
This description does not accurately reflect the toughness regeneration effect of the blessing.

Warp Nexus
The word “critical chance” is missing from the description.
This description does not specify that the effect is granted for each 20% of peril (20/40/60/80).
It should say “Gain 5% critical chance per 20% current level of peril.”

Fire Frenzy, Deathspitter, Dumdum
What distance are “nearby” and “close”?
Fire Frenzy and Deathspitter are missing the information that the blessing “Stacks 5 times.”

Overwhelming Fire
This blessing requires MANY chained hits per stack. According to the description, the 5 stacks should be reached after 6 chained hits against the same target.
Turns out, it takes about 10 chained hits per stack.

By how much is the cleave increased?

Power Cycler
Both tiers of this blessing share the same description.
T3 grants +1 energized attack.
T4 grants +2 energized attacks.

Devastating Strike
All tiers of the blessing share the same description and apparently also the same effect.

Based on this post, it seems like this “fix” broke how the blessing is actually supposed to function (instead of ALSO affecting the critical strike itself, it now ONLY affects the critical strike itself).
Especially when considering the multiple tiers, it would make more sense for the blessing’s effect to apply to the critical hit itself, as well as the next few attacks (or seconds) after a critical hit, with the number of attacks (or duration) being determined by the blessing tier.


Warp Unleashed
This lvl 10 Psyker feat does not tell the peril values for the upper and lower limit of the effect.

Wrack and Rion
This lvl 10 Psyker feat applies 4 Stacks of Soulblaze to all enemies within 4 metres of the target, as well as to the BB target itself.


Psykinetic’s Aura
This lvl 15 Psyker feat triggers on killing elites AND specials.

Kinetic shield
This lvl 20 Psyker feat does not specify if the effect increases or decreases when gaining peril.
It also does not tell the peril values for the upper and lower limit of the effect.
(since a recent update, this feat now wrongly claims to scale with warp charges instead of peril)

This lvl 25 Psyker feat does not specify what “nearby” means.
Also, the last sentence of the description is incorrect (or the feat is bugged).
Currently, the total amount of Soulblaze stacks on the new enemy cannot exceed 4 stacks (even if it already had 4 stacks on it), independent of the stacks on the dying enemy.

Until Death
Although the information is understandable, the wording is quite strange.
It should say
“Upon taking damage that would kill you, gain invulnerability for 5s. This effect has a 90s cooldown.”

This lvl 10 Zealot feat does not specify that the effect stacks 3 times.

This lvl 10 Zealot feat does not specify what “Uniterruptible” means.

Holy Fervour
Although the description of this lvl 15 Zealot feat contains the reelvant information, it is worded in a weird way.
It should say “Upon gaining a stack of Martyrdom, grant +20% Power for 5s to allies in coherency.”

Inspiring Excoriation
This lvl 15 Zealot feat does not specify that the bonus toughness ONLY applies to allies, but not the Zealot themselves (wrong description, or bugged feat effect).
For most, if not all, other cases (including the lvl 15 Zealot feat Holy Fervour) where a bonus is granted to allies in coherency, this includes the player themselves.

Thy Wrath be Swift
This lvl 20 Zealot feat has two errors in the description:
You no longer ger stunned by ANY enemy attacks.
The movement speed bonus is only applied upon taking HEALTH damage.

Faith Restores All
This lvl 20 Zealot feat is worded weirdly and missing some information.
It appears like additional damage taken while the 5s buff is already active, is not affected by the feat (it does not overwrite the regen from the existing buff, or add an additional regen buff) although the buff icon indicates the effect being refreshed (which it is not).

The description should say
"After taking a hit to your health, regain 25% of the lost health over 5s. Has a cooldown of 5s. ".
The buff indicator should not refresh during the active period in order to correctly reflect what is happening.

Emperor#s Executioner
This lvl 25 Zealot feat does not specify the range within which the damage bonus applies.
The last sentence of the description should say
“Max bonus damage applies within x meters. The bonus falls off linearly from x to y meters.”

Honour the Martyr
This lvl 25 zealot feat is technically described correctly, but the wording is weird.
It should say
“Increases max number of Martyrdom stacks to 6.”


Chastise the Wicked
The zealot class ability incorrectly states that it increases the damage of the next melee hit by 25%.
It is also missing a bunch of information.
It should say something like:
"Dash forward, replenishing 50% toughness and gaining Chastise for x seconds.
While Chastise is active, your next melee attack becomes a guaranteed critical hit that penetrates armor. Ranged attacks gain armor penetration for the entire duration.

Dashing towards a targeted enemy increases dash range."


Confirmed Kill
This lvl 5 Veteran feat does not specify how long “over time” is.
It should say “over x seconds”.

This lvl 10 Veteran feat does not specify the range within which the damage bonus applies.
The last sentence of the description should say
“Max bonus damage applies past x meters. The bonus falls off linearly from x to y meters.”


Covering Fire
This lvl 15 Veteran feat does not specify what “melee range” means.
Unless “melee range” is an individual distance based on enemy type, the range in which this feat works should be given in meters.

Unwavering Focus
This lvl 20 veteran feat is not described correctly.
The toughness damage reduction during volley fire is not limited to ranged attacks.

This lvl 30 Veteran feat does not designate all shooters as priority targets.
It only designates two out of the three shooter types.
One shooter type (Scab Stalkers) being excluded makes no sense based on enemy faction, name, armor type, behavior or function.
Either the description of the feat should reflect this (“dreg stalkers and scab shooters” instead of “all shooters”), or the feat should (preferably) be fixed and designate all three shooter types.


Thick Skin
This ogryn passive seems to apply 20% toughness damage resistance twice, resulting in 1-(1-0.2)*(1-0.2)=0.36 =36% toughness damage resistance

This lvl 5 Ogryn feat only affects the ogryn himself and the bonus is only for passive toughness regeneration from allies being in coherency.
The current wording makes it sound like the bonus applies to teammates in coherency, and like all sources of toughness are affected.
The wording “< something > (Allies in Coherency)” is used in the descriptions of multiple other feats and passives, where it always means that the effect applies to allies in coherency.

This lvl 20 Ogryn feat does not specify what “melee range” means.
Unless “melee range” is an individual distance based on enemy type, the range in which this feat works should be given in meters.

Payback Time
This lvl 25 Ogryn feat triggers upon being hit by a melee attack, not upon being damaged by a melee attack.


Counterfire - Not all shooters get highlighted.

Opening Salvo - Doesn’t indicate how long a cooldown is between ‘first shots’ and cooldowns are different per weapon.


They also should add hyperlinks for a key termins (power, stagger, cleave, rend etc.) that either show popup window by click, with indepth description or leads to a glossary, like in RPG games with a lot of mechanics and huge lore stuff. But I don’t believe they will.

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They could also add this as “Library” or something.
There are a few spots that are not currently used for anything and could allow players to access descriptions for each of these things.
Could also be included as separate button when interacting with the psykanium.


Shhhhhht! :slight_smile:

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Good job finding the courage to put all these in a post btw! It’s stuff that is clearly irritating at first but most people like me just decide not to care and “go with it” once they found how the blessings/feats really work

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