Improved moves and attacks

Not sure how to phrase this, but anyway… This is the best game ever, but often when i play this game i feel it lacking a bit of attack and movement possibilities/opportunities.
I wish i could do more than the standard moveset and attack patterns we got at the moment.
I almost exclusively play the elf, and shade 95%, so in that regard these are some new features i would like to be able to do in order to dance my ass through the levels like the blade dancer i think i am:

  • Fast kick that hits and stagger a single enemy.
  • Dodge forward
  • Spin attack hitting foes around me if attacking while dodging sideways.
  • A special jumping ranged attack that lets me jump head-high straight up and hover for a second to snipe stuff.

VT2 isn’d Devil May Cry though, why drag jrpg bull in here?


Oh hello, i knew i would attract your kind with that one :wink:

Good to know you have people already neatly categorized too.


The Handmaiden already do that with her dash

Wait you want to deliver an attack when you dodge ? Teh only way I could see it would be on the Handmaiden, either replacing her Stamina increase or her Dodge distance passive or if it replaced one of the Level 20 talent, most likely Willow stance or Shifting season

Kerrilian doesn’t have wings, she isn’t Ariel or Mothra. And you can already Snipe by jumping and shooting if needed (And the elf usually just shoot through the rest of the U5). A Weapon kit should not be able to do so, rather having it tied to a Career’s Active ability

So in short those would be rather difficult to develop without a rather big revamp, apart from the kicking one


Well just add fart noises when this move is issued that’s all.


She would just empower the Plague Monk

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Handmaidens dash is not what i’m after, i don’t want a superman forward dodge. Just a short one, equal to back dodge but forward.

About the spin attack, I don’t really care if it uses stamina or is on a timer or whatever mechanism would be needed, I just want to be able to do it.

And about the flying, if you are saying she can’t do it because she doesnt have wings; It’s in the warhammer universe, I’m sure it’s possible somehow, we are not talking real physics here right?

Sure and touching warpfire in the setting would melt flesh and bone off your body, yet our heroes tank it like no ones business.

Just because stuff is possible or in the fluff does not necessarily mean we need to have it.

There is no need for such a dodge, that would just become a movement kit (witch the elf has already plenty)

Sure, if you dan’t care that it’s odd, anyway there is not Current career that could offer such, maybe if FS does a fifth round of Career she could have that (but a lot of people are going to find it to be very much non interesting)

Even if we take the Warhammer fantasy universe, there is hardly any way for her to fly

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Sure but my point was more general in scope. There is certain amount of stuff that simply needs to be bended or not happen for the current gameplay to function.

I knew the flying one would be controversial (it was not ment to be a bird like flying anyway, just a high jump with a bit of slow down in the top to have time to snipe).

The other 3 however are not controversal.

That really depends. Depending on context and how powerful you make something like

Are we talking stagger levels that can stun chaos warriors or just regular chaff? Depending on the answer its either too powerful or absolutely useless.

This is just extra clear for the sake of it?

The only thing I find to be somewhat interesting is forward dodge for everyone.

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Just watch any high-skill gameplay of Doom Eternal and count the seconds before you’re nauseous.

I don’t want to be the hulk, just more options for movement and attack and control.
The kick would just have to be a normal stagger for normal sized enemies without damage.
The spinning attack would be normal attack damage.

The great thing about how this game is (at least supposed to be) balanced, is that you do not have answers and options for every single situation. And when those happen you adapt or rely on other teammates to help you out.
Personally how I see these is just some unnecessary bloat for move sets that already work perfectly fine.


Doom Eternals moveset is too extreme for vermintide, that’s not what I’m after.
I wouldn’t want the U5 to fly through the air jumping on walls etc etc, just a few more options to chose from.

No - just magically hover in it because you don’t like the idea that quick aiming is a skill that needs to be rewarded too.


Now you are not just exaggerating, you are making things up.

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