[Improve] Weapon Complexity

Basically for fun change to weapons, what the BBB lacked.
Actual mechanic changes opposed to number tweaks… but numbers should be tweaked for new combinations to be on par or below front line weapons.

Fast Hitters: Dual Daggers, Dual Swords, Sword/Dagger, Mace/Sword, Axe/Falcion, Dual Axes, Dual Maces, Dagger

-Add “Weapon Special” functionality to all dual wield melee weapons that toggles left click hold to swing light attacks as fast as possible. Defaults to off on weapon swaps.

Saves mouse fatigue, physical mouse damage and optimizes superfast weapon/attackspeed gameplay

Power Chargers: Executioner Sword, Pick Axe, Saltzpyre’s Flail, Rapier, Sienna’s 2H Mace

-Add increased damage stages able to be held indefinitely.

All but Sienna’s Mace have one of these already, Pick Axe will likely have to lose its short speed boost for better control. adding this style to Mace will give it a nice niche that it lacks as well as Sienna lacks.

Rotation Changes: Empire 2H Sword, Saltzpyre’s Flail, Dagger, Elf Axe, Flame Sword

-Empire 2H Sword: Light attacks 2 rotation verticle AP headshots, Push Attack revert to sweep
-Saltzpyre’s Flail: 2nd Charge to verticle headshot AP
-Dagger: Push Attack + Charge Attack (becomes 2nd Charge Attack)
-Elf Axe: Light rotation to sweep sweep verticle verticle
-Flame Sword: Increase second charge attack AP, push attack + Charge(becomes 2nd Charge Attack), From 2nd Charge + light(stab ap light attack) + Charge(2nd Charge) repeating

Adds a lot more versatility to generally less used weapons to compete with more fun viable rotations

Slows Blows: Executioner Sword, B2H Sword, B Sword/Shield, Pick Axe

-Make them faster

Slow weapons are un-fun, nerf the damage if need be but make them go fast no slow. Executioner lights were nerfed because it was too popular not even increasing the damage to make it more realistic for the lower rate which could also be a compromised solution. Kruber having clunkier slow weapons is why I think he’s on the low pick range especially prior to GK.

Slug n Block: Blunderbuss, Shotgun

-On weapon special character reloads weapon with slug rounds, replacing pellets with a high powered single short range damage. ~2 ammo pools? Slugs have much less
-Holding Right click now blocks, shotguns now are only ranged weapon with stamina and push arc (~4stam/40%pa)[/quote]

Better armor control and defensive use but still short range even less effective at range with slug.

In n Out: Empire Longbow, Beam Staff

-On weapon special toggles zoom on defaults off

Simple solution to Longbow preferences as well as beam staff tunnel vision problem.

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