"Immeasurably Simple" Quality of Life Improvements

In no particular order:

The normal shop: Have a second tab of inventory. Put one grey item of each type you have unlocked in the tab. If you buy a grey item from that tab, it is immediately replaced by another of the same type.

The special shop: Expand the shop to have one item of each type that you have unlocked. Base stat rolls should be guaranteed to be 350+ here. Cost enough as is.

The weekly challenges: Eliminate the 5/5 completion bonus. Give more gear-coins out for each individual challenge completed to compensate.

Shared progression: Add a shared stash where you can deposit items, currencies, and crafting materials to transfer to other characters.

Mission terminal: Remove the difficulty setting on missions. Have a range of missions and secondaries as there currently is (eg 9 or 10 missions) with an random selection of secondaries and modifiers. Allow players to pick the difficulty they want for each mission.

Rewards: End of mission you get a guaranteed reward. Rarity of the item has a chance to be higher based on difficulty (difficulty 1 = grey, difficulty 5 = up to yellow). Competing secondaries, killing monsters, killing demonhost raises your chances for getting a higher level item.

Crafting: Add in the rest of the options already. Having one of the property slots “locked”? Yeah, don’t do that. Add a “temper weapon” option where you can spend coins + materials to raise the base stats, eventually letting you max it out.

Premium shop: Award Aquilas for beating missions. 1-5 for Malice and below. 3-7 for Heresy. 5-9 for Damnation (or something like that). Allow purchasing exact amount of Aquilas. Slowly release all available cosmetics in back log each week. Rotate which items are on a sale at any given time.


This is a much needed dopamine hit tbh. We should also have loot dice and loot rats again… could just reskin a burster, make it jingle, throw a green glow on it and profit.


I had a thought where killing monsters/demonhost would give your team a “trophy” they could pick up that would give the extra bonus to the end game item. Could have some weird loot rat equivalent that also drops a grizzly trophy.

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I think it would be better to guarantee a reward on level up, then enable over levelling like VT2. This would already incentivise higher difficulties due to higher XP gains, and generally solves more issues more elegantly.

Bosses should just dump a pile of crafting mats on you.


and make them proximity auto pick up… because my fingers are worn out enough on endless horde.

THIS. So much yes. Especially the rewards at the end of the mission part.

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Yes please

Yep. I miss VT2 system. Whomever thought this is a ‘step’ up is on drugs.

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I’d agree with basically everything listed save encouraging people to engage daemonhosts, unless tweaked on difficulty 4 and 5 they’re basically 2 instant deaths, it’s honestly better to just backtrack to keep their spawn closer to cleared areas than waste time and ammo fighting it.

We are getting rewards at the end, we are getting some dockets, would it make you guys happier if we got it a box that we had to open?

Rather get the dockets than items that I will most likely just scrap for… Dockets…

Dockets are fine if we could buy the junk items from the store and convert to crafting mats.

Numerous players have Elon Musk money in the game cuz nothing to spend it on. Such a bad system.

Or just be able to buy crafting mats.

Edit: didnt seem to reply correctly…

I think if they’re going to insist on an RNG shop, just make one of every weapon available at all times. Assuming the crafting isn’t a total mess, that would at least make it less painful. Not good, but less painful.

Ah, you mean the system that was already working and no one complained about in vermintide, would be nice to have that, yeah.


I agree on basically every point except for encouraging killing demonhosts - The point of them is to create a dangerous thing you wont want to fight, incentivizing killing them works counter to their design.

imagine it’s your job to cleanse corruption and you leave demonhosts lying around…

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Oh this one, especially this one. Even though I’m not against a full group doing a tier 1 speed run, it’s when ‘new’ players end up getting dragged in to these groups, when the ‘new’ player experience gets tainted and often leaves an overal bad experience.

I’m not a new player, but I’ve had my brush with this with low level class and you don’t want the ‘new player experience’ to be, if you can’t keep up, your left behind type of gameplay in a co-op game.