HUB features & potential QoL additions

First up on the docket, shops.

The current shop is abysmal. Now. I’m not asking for it to ONLY list legendary gear or whatever. I have one simple ask for this. Give us a filter system. Something we can adjust before the shop updates to have a much higher chance to show us specific items we should have access to at our given levels. This way a Psyker can have a better shot at getting better staffs, swords and curios, than going 25 missions (and who knows how many store cycles) ONLY SEEING LASGUNS, KNIVES AND LASPISTOLS. If I see one more lasgun I’m going to go ballistic.

Doesn’t need to have a setting for rarity. ONLY to grant a significantly higher chance of offering stuff we ACTUALLY need. I don’t need this game to be like Pre-Loot-2.0-Diablo-3 where I spent 3 months farming ONE SPECIFIC ITEM that I didn’t ever see until after that update. I don’t need another job. I have one. We play games to have fun, not drain our damn souls.

Second, on the subject of levels and when we access gear, a progression path would be nice. Give us a visual aid to tell us WHEN we unlock certain things. Because right now, no one has any idea. We’re all ballparking it, and even after “unlocking access” to these things, some of us don’t SEE any of this “new stuff” for a crazy amount of store cycles. It’s obscene.

Third. The barber. Whenever we get access to that, it needs a twin shop. What would it be called, you ask? “The Regiment Shop”. Why? Because some of us want an “Army Painter” system. Something that is known FAR AND WIDE in the 40k games the world over. We don’t care for some of the cosmetic colours. Let us recolour them. Or offer us more varied cosmetics. Not gonna lie, the “red” is obnoxious and barely anyone likes it (with the exception of people who actually like the colour red). Let us colour a Primary, Secondary and Tertiary part of each cosmetic.

NOTE: DO NOT make this cost MTX Currency. I swear to friggin god. Credits only. You want to sell expanded cosmetics? Sell em. You start selling colours, you’re going to have a riot on your hands, and I will be joining them.

Last but not least, the Requisitorium. Needs a better idea than the random “gacha” system. Give us an actual shop we can spend Marks in that is more than 5 useless items being displayed in the limited time section. It is not a good system. At all. Just the name describes the specific way it should work. “Requisitorium”. REQUISITION. “GIVE ME SOMETHING I NEED”, not “Hey I got stuff to unload. Spend your Marks on this random junk!” That’s now how a Quartermaster system works.