A simple trio of tweaks to the Crafting System that would make people happy

Three things could take the crafting system from ‘why does this exist’ to ‘acceptable’ in the eyes of the player base, who almost universally agree it’s garbage and you’re better served ignoring it.

Also don’t worry about the Crafting Memorial, I’m already there lol

  1. Bring back VT2’s system where rolled gear always was within 5 points of your highest scoring item. This would instantly make Brunts and the Melk shop vastly more tolerable, and gives Emperor’s gifts a purpose since even at 30 you will continue to get new gear with potential new permutations.

  2. Make Hadron’s blessings only give you ones you haven’t already unlocked. This makes farming something with a defined end goal since every upgrade to blue will give you something new.

  3. Remove the locks. Locking gear only makes sense if you expect people to maintain a stable of slightly different weapons, which the UI is clearly not made for. Unlocking everything will ensure the players continue to play the game via making blessing testing more fun and easy to do.


#1 Would be amazing. Honestly anything in 365-380 base range would be tolerable.

For #2 - I would make it so that the MISSION REWARDS only give you items with blessings you haven’t unlocked, with Tier 3 + 4 blessings maybe capped behind Heresy + Damnation difficulty and tied to item level (i.e. would only show up on purple/orange items).

I’m also good with Hadron being more likely to give new blessings on items.

#3 - Yes. My suggestion for a while, short of removing locks entirely, is either:

(A) pay +/- 500 diamantine to remove the locks on an item ‘temporarily’. Locks get reapplied when you refine/rebless (and can of course pay to remove them again later)


(B) pay +/- 1000 diamantine to upgrade an item to RED, where locks are permanently removed from the item. Upgrading to RED could also add +10 to all stats (keeping the caps at 80 and allowing the base rating to go up to 400).


Honestly B would work. I have nearly 300 hours in this game and only about 11k diamantine, with how each weapon mark is its own thing, for 4 characters, you could easily make it a time sink that people would enjoy.


Yes exactly. The locks prevent you from being able to deterministically select perks and blessing you want. On top of that, you’re bottlenecked by the supple of crafting materials, which limits how many items you can acquire, upgrade, and modify.

If the locks go away, there is STILL A BOTTLENECK, in terms of crafting resources, which will continue to drive playtime. The difference is that without locks there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

But if you wanted to upgrade one of every mark to red and get all the blessing, you’re still talking 1,000+ hours of effort.


I used to think the crafting system is fine but I feel like there are so many weapons in this game that it would be nice to remove RNG so we can max all of them and be more diverse.

I have a few set that are very very good that I don’t want to switch and try other weapons. I think if they remove the RNG, I can enjoy more play styles. It would be nice.

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All their systems (especially missions and items/crafting), because of the RNG, will show more and more cracks the more they put into the game. The way they’ve implemented RNG scales badly.


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