IMBA builds make the game much less fun for other players

Things like Beam Pyro and to a lesser extent other builds like Repeater/Falchion BH for example need to be brought down. Most PUG matches currently revolve around 1 or 2 players doing everything, while others just try to not get in their way because they’re much less effective. It encourages greedy play and bad positioning, but it usually doesn’t matter because the clutch potential of these builds is insane. But if poop does hit the fan and the imba characters do make a mistake, it’s up to the others who are in a bad position and didn’t even have time to warm up to save the day but often fail - this is the reason a lot of my late game wipes happen. I’d much rather see early on that my group doesn’t work or isn’t ready for grims than to wait for Sienna to randomly drop off a cliff mid boss horde.

You can’t even properly asses the viability of other builds because of the outliers.


Not to mention the god complex this instills in sienna “mains”, thinking they are doing all the work and the other 3 guys are at her mercy. When she does go down because she overestimates her own abilities, usually blames the team and spews toxic insults around. And dont you dare criticise anything she does, even if she blasts you with burning heads and beamblasts repeatedly.


We’re very likely looking at months, maybe even year or years before this game is in a good place balance wise, just like its predecessor until we don’t have to endure out of proportionally powerful hero careers/weapon setups.