I'm Done

For now, at least.

I was so excited for this game and wanted it to do well, but nearly every system except for the actual gameplay have just completely worn me down. The progression system is especially grievous - needing to log in every hour for a chance at good weapons gets extremely demoralizing after a while.

This is especially sad since I’ve gotten 800+ hours out of VT2 and gotten every DLC, but I’m already demotivated to play this game after 120 hours. Still got my money’s worth, of course, but I’m just disappointed since this was my most anticipated game maybe ever, and I really wanted to stick with it for a while.

Oh well, maybe it’ll be better in a year from now.


There should be an update toomorow to fix vendor system and add 1 more craft option man, let s see.

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Where was an update announced?

Community update sorry, my bad ! But it will come soon ! Lets hope.

What is your source that this update will do anything regarding the armoury?

From what FT posted on Steam :

" Rejects,

Since releasing Warhammer 40,000: Darktide last week, Tertium has become a popular travel destination for many of you. It’s very humbling to see this level of excitement and know that we appreciate the support. That said, we also know that our launch was challenging for many players who had issues - some of which we are still working through.

Our commitment remains the same - for all players to enjoy our game. Our hope is that many of you can see the progress towards this commitment in the past few weeks, having released 8 hotfixes and updates since the pre-order beta launch - 4 of which were released since full launch last week. This isn’t to say we have addressed everything. In fact, we are not fully satisfied and still have work to do.

Our biggest update yet will land next week and will include further improvements, additional weapons, fixes, private sessions, and more.

In today’s update, we want to address a few questions from the community, as well as talk about what’s to come in our next community update on Wednesday, December 14.

More Weapons

One of the key things you pointed out to us was a desire for more weapons. We had planned to offer more weapons at launch, and are taking the first few steps in this direction by adding the following:

  • Indignatus Mk IVe Crusher

  • Achlys Mk I Power Maul

Commodore’s Vestures (In-Game Store)

We heard your feedback on the store loud and clear, and we are making adjustments to how Aquilas are packaged. We are working on adding an 2,400 Aquilas pack to the store, which will arrive next week. We will also add a 100 Aquilas pack within the next few weeks, allowing players to buy smaller fractions of Aquilas. In addition, we are also going to change other functionalities of the store over time.

Crafting System

In our next content update, we will add the “Refine Item” functionality to our crafting system. This functionality will allow you to replace one Perk on a Curio or a Weapon. The same Perk slot can be replaced multiple times, but will block replacing other perks on the same item. This is the next step in building out our crafting system.

Private Play (and Solo)

Starting next week, with 2 or more players in the strike team, players will be able to opt into playing privately via the mission board. This will prevent players who are not friends of a strike team member from hot joining the squad during a mission in progress.

If the squad is all disconnected and a player is left alone when the reservation time expires, the mission will become public.

As for Solo Mode, we are actively working on it. While it technically could work now, we are not happy with its state yet, and we want to ensure the solo experience lives up to your expectations. Right now, it does not, and we would do the game a disservice by implementing it.


Many players have asked us for more interesting ways to interact with people in the Mourningstar. Near term, we will be introducing the ability for your characters to use an emote in the hub. Players will be able to customize this emote wheel in the cosmetics menu for their character.

Okay, but a “For the Emperor!” button…

While we don’t have a “For the Emperor!” emote


, we’re most certainly asking the team about it. You know, For the Emperor.

Progression Siloing and Shared Ordo Dockets

Since launch, we’ve seen feedback from many players requesting shared progression across characters to ensure a smoother progression loop. Our designers are taking this feedback seriously and are discussing how to best implement a solution that meets our players’ desires and gameplay goals while also striking a balance with the game’s design intent. This is a sizable endeavor, and its feasibility is still unknown, we hope to be able to share more information on its progress at a later time.


We’ve been working closely with our community support team on how you all feel about penances in the game, and some of the pain points surrounding them. There’s been a lot of feedback to pore through, but we’ve found there’s a disconnect between how we phrase the requirements of some penances and the criteria to achieve them, making them more frustrating for players than we intended. Based on the feedback received from the support team, we’re currently working through solutions to make penances smoother and more enjoyable for players.

This is far from everything - We will have a full list of patch notes and some more updates for you next week!

Thank you, Rejects.
The Darktide Team"

Indeed, what about this text indicates to you that Fatshark intend to “fix the vendor system”?


This was 5 days ago. I’m a little confused, are you saying we’re getting this update tomorrow and that it will fix the vendor system?

He is simply wrong. Tomorrow we are getting a community update and nothing about the previous community update indicates the vendor system is getting any changes.

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You rigiht i was really pretty sure they mentioned that :joy:
I read too many things on this forums certainly mix it up in my brain.
I apologise.

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I wish they did mention it, but I take their omission of this huge and glaring issue to be a doubling down on it.

I am in the same boat. I honestly wished I refunded it when I had the chance.
Dark Tide is to me a good of example of looks dont make a game.
It looks great, the soundtrack is great, it has a great basis but as someone who also played V2 a lot this game just sucks in comparison. Hard.
-Most weapons(nearly all) are trash in comparison to V2.( For example compare Thunder Hammer to V2 Great Hammers).
-Crafting is missing and will be implemented, but you already get restrictions from the Dev Blog, wont be able to craft the weapon you want like in V2.
-Rng Shop, have luck finding the weapon you want and then have the stuff you want on it.
-Mission Hub is just terrible, let us pick the mission we want on the difficuty we want.
-Mission rewards are not existent or trash, you choose. And the difficulty you play doesnt even matter.
-Bosses dont drop anything.
-Doing Tomes and Grims is a waste of time. Them lying around anywhere on the ground instead of fixed places where you have to do something for them is a huge backstep in terms of fun for me

I guess I could go on but this and much more was already said in many other threads.
It took some time for V2 to be the game its now, but I expected more from the beginning for Dark Tide than what we got and not a million backsteps.


I miss loot dice, and finding them in chests was always a nice suprise.

I think we should be able to scan the remains of dead bosses. Since we have missions scanning mutated corpses. The satisfaction of scanning a dead boss for Hadron to give an audio quip, along with maybe an rng roll of her response, would be an interesting reward system to explore. She loves herself some knowledge.


Cant believe the ogryn doesn’t have any two handed weapons at launch apart from the shield and club, which I think they ruined vs vermintide. Two handed hammers have been staples and they could have gotten creative with his arsenal. Instead we get a bloody meme of a grenade and the blandest weapon selection of any class.


I understand your frustration, but we should see what tomorrow brings first.

What’s tomorrow, a community update?

Yes, and presumably a patch either tomorrow or later in the week

Here’s hoping they talk about something good!

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here’s the thing. Darktide is extremely fun and looks great. It was onto it, its there!!! unfortunately its another sequel that released with “far less core features” than its predecessor. Because of that, its glory is short lived as it will take years just to put back what should have been there at launch.

that’s my opinion anyway. I personally cant fathom how Combined inventories, Scoreboard, crafting, and at least 12 subclasses didn’t come stock standard.

dont get me wrong. Im getting alot of enjoyment out of it. But expected it to last alot longer

just another game on my list that I will have to come back to in about a year or 2, which can pretty much kill it…sometimes you just never get around to coming back

One day, I hope releasing betas is abolished, and any sequel released, at the very least released with all the features their predecessors built


I’m at 143 hours.

I’m trying to remember at what point I took a break from VT2. I have over 1000 hours in VT2. I didn’t do that all in 6 months.

So basically, my 143 hours could have been sweeter if for…a lot of things. But I’ve still had fun. I’ll have more fun when the game is actually finished. (Sorry FS, the truth hurts.)

For reference, I put 481 hours into Elden Ring since February. In that sense, Darktide is pretty consistent on hours invested over time for games I like. I have many gripes, but since the core gameplay loop is good, the rest can get worked out.

As one of my friends so succintly put it back in Beta 2:

“The game is great. But the game around the game sucks.”