If there's ever going to be a new character: Make them left-handed! :D

Because why not? As a natural lefty myself, I’d feel alot more represented :wink: I mean, there’s gotta be south-paws in the WH universe, right? Would be a really funny and quirky addition and definitely bring something new to the table without much effort.


No offence but:

Knowing how we treated left handed people in the past and reading what for what a Witch Hunder is going to kill half a village in Warhammer my conclusion is:
Salz is going to roast your heretic mutant ass for dinner. :fire:

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Warhammer is a sinister world without additional sinister people :wink:

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I think this would be amazing. I say this as cis-gendered white male right-handed bigot that hates lefties on principle.

Finally, some meaningful diversity I can get behind.

Xe should also be flat-footed and be of (beautiful) gargantuan stature, with majestic flaps of fat covering Xe’s body for protection.

Xe should also have constant blurred vision due to short-sightedness in one eye and near-sightedness in the other(the eyes should be different colors).

…and of course Xe should be a creation of Tzeentch x Sigmar, with a rats tail, elves ears, dwarf beard and halflings feet. Obviously born in Norsca,living in Cathay and studying in Nippon.

Xe would be a banner-wielder and would clear hordes by burning them with the shame of them being cis gender furries - the biggest traitors of yiffdom.

This would be the perfect character any open minded person with an IQ of 180, owner of a pristine fedora hat and a divine, black (synthetic)leather coat would want. But I don’t hold my breath of there being more special snowflakes like me in this world. I’ll express my sorrow in yet another misunderstood sexy Sonic fanfiction.

Or they could add a screen flip in the options so that way all the characters can be left handed if you select it.

Team chat: I’ll take the one on the left!!!

Not an entire screen flip haha! Just a character flip. :slight_smile: