If there are new classes... siloing and grind

Without going into the state of the game, for me the the L30 is the start of the actual gameplay. However, the way the game is set at the moment it’s more like an RPG than anything else. I don’t like:
a) the idea that I would have to grind 20+ hours for each new class to get to L30
b) the idea that I am not going to be able to reuse the existing items/money
c) the idea that I would have to delete a character if there is a sixth class.


To be honest while it is grindy, those first 30 levels are more like the introduction to the character.

This sucks, but i believe its intentional to increase grind. But i agree money, Melks marks and resources should be shared between all characters.

i think not even Fatshark is braindead enough to allow that to happen. 100% new slots will be either available or purchasable. Probably the latter.

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To make it purchasable is braindead too. Imagine all the skins they arent selling. Also i think more people will stop playing if they start charging.



  1. I’m sure that the idea of class introduction is here - but 20 hours is way too long for anyone who has grinded the same for the existing classes. I felt it cumbersome for at least 2 classes and now doing it for the fifth…

  2. We know that the grind is intentional. This quantity and motivation is having the opposite effect.

  3. I would not put it beyond them, considering the current design. Personally, I would not care if it were purchasable if this was the game that I wanted to enjoy like VT2, but I don’t think I am nearly there yet.

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Aaand this is why I’m betting the “boon vendor” (assuming it does appear) is going to be a cash store.

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I don’t why the hate for leveling in DT as it was exactly the same in VT2… people shouldn’t be surprised…

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The levelling is only superficially the same.

In VT2 you levelled 5 main, very distinct characters once and that was it - it applied to each of the careers automatically. In addition, the progression unlocked the 2 careers by level 12 so basically it was varied enough by L30 to make it interesting.

In DT this would translate to as many levellings per class before any real experimenting and having even a chance at better items (i.e. 20+ hours per class/VT2 career) . Not only are the DT classes not nearly distinct enough to require even that, but also the game mechanics are highly unlikely to require such long adaptations, no matter what variation FS provides in a potential new class (unless we are talking someting to be buffed/nerfed rather quickly). I.e. VT2 with the DT approach would be quite boring as it would require 4 times as much time spent on the levelling - less fun, more grind.


As said before, in VT you got three spec to play wit while grinding so you pretty much had 10 levels to grind with each to learn how to use it. All three having common weapons.

I will also add two things:

  • curio equivalent were common for every classes, so even when starting a new hero you could immediatly equip three red curio if you had them, allowing you to quickly pass the first difficulties and jump to champ around level 7-10 to pex faster.
    You could also keep some chest unlocked with your main to open with the new hero to get good stuff faster.

  • finally people have complained about the grind in VT for years. Asking it to be twice faster at least espescially once you already had one caracter at lvl max. And as in many thing in DT fatshark said they heard us then did worse.


The running joke I got going with a friend is “lvl 30! Now we can start playing the game!”

But really we’re kinda burnt out on the game after levelling two characters to 30. We rather switch to Nosgoth these days xD

There’s many issues but I would like to point at least one out, while I’m at it.

I’ve noticed that while you grind your levels, the weapons you get from the shop are artificially stunted. In other words, a blue item you bought at lvl 12 has a lesser rating than a blue item you buy at level thirty.

For the entire time during the rush to get to 30, I feel extremely discouraged to buy anything. It’s basically obsolete after two more level ups when better rated weapons/curios appear. Forget about crafting, I’m not wasting resources upgrading an artificially capped item that can’t even roll proper perk stats.

This does make the grind even more boring. Feels bad when buying, feels bad when sticking with your old gear.

The whole system is so god damn thoughtless! Random pieces of mechanics thrown in a blender. Nothing works hand in hand or feels like it’s been built with a proper plan in mind.

I’m gonna make a post why levelling, weapon acquisition and crafting currently grind each others gears during the levelling phase, specifically. When I have time.