Ideas for Vermintide 3?

For Vermintide 3 I have wants and hopes for both things I recon that most people would welcome as well as contoversial ones.

I really want more enemy factions and many more enemies for the existing ones.

And I’d like to have the character creation from Darktide so that even more careers can be added. Right now for example we can, to my knowledge, only have wizards connected with the fire wind of magic. I’d love to have openings for tons of other stuff as well. If that means the Ü5 won’t be playable in Vermintide 3, then so be it.

I somewhat don’t want VT3

I’d much prefer that they go toward other groups/Tide, and leave the U5 (Whom I love) to rest

Like either Greenskins (Which I would be ok in any of the 3 setting, but AoS might edge out for me since they got some nice stuff there, still waiting for Proppa Savage Orcs)

Dreadfleet vs Grand Alliance, which is the one my mind is finding the most plausible for FS to lean toward due to Hedda Bardinsdottir fighting against Count Noctilus, would be a nice echo (Played the Dad, now it’s the Daughter’s turn)

Or my last (currently) idea, where we play as 5 Warrior of Chaos (Undivided, Khorne, Slaanesh, Tzeentch and Nurgle) invading the Jungle of Lustria, fighting against the vile, noxious, despicable Lizardmen

While we’re bringing back the topic, I second this. I wouldn’t mind playing the bad guys either if we have some interesting and diverse characters.

I don’t know a lot about the Warhammer timeline, but I’m sure there are plenty of interesting time periods to make a Vermintide-like game with different characters and new enemies.

There is simple no need for Vermintide 3 if they just can add on Vermintide 2. There are only a few reasons which would need the release for a sequel:

  • A significantly improved version of their engine or a new engine
  • Serious changes to the gameplay and balance not possible with the current framework (like the inclusion of hero power and talents/career skills from Vermintide 1 to 2)
  • A different storyline without the Ubersreik 5
  • The hope to regain better player numbers than what we currently have

I believe they will keep on with Vermintide 2 because the framework is there and functioning. We also know that there is a potential in higher player numbers as the release of the Chaos Wastes has showcased that potential.
Also, Darktide will not be the death sentence people out it to be (have yet to decide if i buy the game considering my personal pros and cons). If we (fairly) assume that the production cycle of Darktide will be similar to Vermintide then there will be more or less be six month gaps between major releases. If Fatshark can alter the cycle that their releases are subsequent you will see a continuous player migration every three months between the two titles. So there is even a chance of overspill from Darktide to Vermintide.

Let’s just wait what will happen. And especially wait for that “chunky” update coming supposedly this year setting the stage for Sienna 4.0.

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I’m content to see them keep working on Vermintide 2 for the foreseeable future, but a new release does change things. Fatshark doesn’t have a slew of games, and I have no idea how big they’re growing. In many similar cases, I only see developers continue with the titles they have if they continue to bring new players and keep the ones they have (Skyrim, Fortnite, CSGO, etc.). If Vermintide’s player count starts rising, maybe they’ll work on it more, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. It seems like it’s in slow decline. I suspect in another 3-5 years there’ll be another Warhammer fantasy game or maybe something not related to Warhammer at all; who knows?

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I naturally can’t say what will happen or not. But I will share this idea for Vermintide 3.

That is that one can play the maps in two modes. Campaign and adventure modes.

In the campaign mode there is a cutscene before and after the run, if successful for the cutscene after the run, where you get to know how the run has affected the story. And things, like enemies, are according to the story of the campaign. So that you’ll have the correct enemies on the right maps.

In the adventure mode you play the maps as they are and with more random stuff, like what factions will be encountered although this could potentially be made open for the player to pick if they like, or really dislike some faction or another. And perhaps add stuff like in deeds with extra hordes, no pickups or what else you may want.

I think that making the Evil guy as character can work quite well, and it should be a characters and not Classes as in Darktide, there are way to make them work quite nicely:

5 Warrior of Chaos, one for each Chaos God, and one being undivided:
Khorne: “Brass Sister”
Slaanesh: “Druchii Anionted”
Tzeentch: “Sorcerer of Tzeentch”
Nurgle: “Blightking”

5 Skaven
Morr: Warrior focused
Pestilen: Mage
Skryre: Mix of both
Eshin: Sneaky stabby
And then a Grey Sorcerer or what ever they are called

But in all of those case, it’s mostly finding why they work together (Skaven is easier on that point, the WoC could work together if ordered to by the Everchosen or another person of Undivided Chaos of note) and who would work as the tide factions, Skaven kinda wouldn’t work against any one, WoC could work better if it’s against the Lizardmen o something

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I like that, throw in a beastman too maybe.

That could be the undivided choice?

EDITED: Or instead of one for each god, we could have a Beastman, a Norscan, a Kurgan, a Cultist and a Mutant or some kind of sorcerer?

As the Undivided character, maybe a Beastfiend, we don’t them quite often. But still a Wargor/Bray Shaman would be quite good

As possible weapon:

[Melee] Axe, 2H Axes, Twin Axes, Axe and Shield,Spear, Spear and Shield, Sword, 2H Sword, Sword and Shield, Sword and Jagged Dagger, Mace, Sword and Whip (Khazrak)
[Ranged] (Crude) Bow, Throwing Axe, Poison Bow, Wild Bow (Wild Magic), Staff (Multiples)

I think both way at once would be the best, as for example, a Norscan and a Kurgan aren’t that different from one another (Norscan favouring ship raids while Kurgan being more horse masters), and making the cast somewhat diverse at the same time:

  • Undivided/Beastmen
  • Khorne/Brass Sister (Cultist, but could be a Norscan or even a Skaramor/Norscan)
  • Slaaesh/Druchii Anointed (Cultist)
  • Nurgle/Blightking (Mutant), sadly Blight king don’t exist before the ET, so maybe something similar
  • Tzeentch/Sorcerer (Can be from anywhere, so either Norsii or from the College of Magic)
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I agree mostly although I would say that using a background as opposed to a patron deity might allow us to give more varied classes to each character. However I wouldn’t mind your set up. It could be cool with a mix of Chaos followers from within the Empire, in the form of cultists, and from without in the form of Northlanders and a Beastman.

i just want vermintide 2 without bugs and craftable deeds
XD no need for v3

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There are Skaven that worship Morr?

Is it Mors ? I never remember which is which

But I think the GHR is very jealous, so I’m not sure he would allow it

There is one that is a Nurgle cultist iirc

I really hope that DT gives us some insight into FS learning from their mistakes.

VT1 had its fair share of badly broken stuff - you guessed it - mostly drop rates, RNG, broken weapon traits and poorly performing builds… BUT… by the end of the games life they’d put in the shrine of solace, quests and contracts and changed some of the drops for the DLC Weapons to fix some of the players worst compaints.


With the launch of VT2 they appear to have completely ignored the lessons learned from VT1, and launched VT2 with a repeat of almost the EXACT SAME ISSUES, in particular the ridiculous grind for red weapons and tragi-comically bad drop rates… remember when getting a hat was something of a spectacular miracle? <4% drop rate for a hat I think I remember. It took me 1.5k hours to get Krubers Greatsword red skin. I mean come on, someone have a word.

So for VT3 (and Darktide actually) I hope they’ve learned that making people grind for fairly basic stuff turns away players in droves. Get rid of random drops from chests. Let players work towards a weapon in a similar vein to the Contract Board from VT1, and as a personal plea, can we NOT have DLC like Chaos Wastes and Winds of Magic.

It was pitched that Hats and cosmetics would pay for free content (Chaos Wastes) and this has worked out fine I suppose… but the Map DLC (like paying for Karak Azgaraz in VT1) wasn’t profit making so as Chaos Waste maps (and WoM for that matter) take time and effort to make, I’d really much prefer time spent on adventure maps for the campaign than something like Chaos Wastes but I’m aware that lots of people like Chaos Wastes. I think Chaos Wastes what’d have happened if Mod Tools were available.

Nah, they don’t worship Morr but that Warlord Clan has a name which is very similar to the name “Morr”.

I think Adelion knows, he was just joking at my error