Ideas for new weapons

Wooden plank, imagine sound when u bash rat with flat wooden plank hahaha :smiley:

Maybe katana :stuck_out_tongue:


I think fire claws would neat.


need kerrilian to wear a dress lined with knives and dance around

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Okay. Warning, a long post and lots of comments coming up.

First things first: While thinking “cool” weapons to add is all fun and nice, you need to think how they would be implemented, and (I think) more importantly, what new things will they bring to the game. After all, the development company (AKA Fatshark in this case) has limited resources, and a willingness to enhance the game, not just take our money away. (The latter may not apply to AAA companies.) So I think, when figuring out new ideas for weapons, consider what it will bring to the game, how will it compare with other weapons, and how could it work in-game.

Then, some comments on already presented ideas.

Throwing Spears (AKA Javelins) might be neat, but I find them somewhat redundant. Your idea would bring them to competition with primarily the Handgun, with dmg output and AP, and that’s already in need of love. Career-wise, I think they’d be more suitable to Merc than Huntsman. If a niche for them could be figured out, though, I would like to see them.

Pistol and Buckler: More Victor’s style, I think. cool idea otherwise, though. If you want to get more exotic, gun shields might work too. Google them, they’re a thing.

Lance is solely a horseback weapon, but your description reads more like a Pike, AKA a very long spear. Kinda interesting, would turn Markus into back-line melee.

Nothing to add on GL, others have commented on the lore already.

Gauntlets: Hmm… An even more mobile option for Slayer… Hard to balance, I think, but interesting.

Scoped Rifle: I’m not sure if a sniper weapon suits Victor, otherwise why not.

Cat o’ Nine Tails: Whips in general are difficult, but this one especially. It was (and kinda still is) an instrument for torture and punishment, made to hurt and break bare (human) skin, not a weapon. As such, it would be practically useless on anything beyond slaverats, realism-wise. Hard to see a purpose in-game either that two-hander or others don’t already do.

Katars: I kinda think they’d be hard to differentiate from Dual Daggers. Might work as a weapon illusion for those, but otherwise, I think they’d be just exoticism for its own sake.

Spear and Shield: I already have wailed on this in another topic, but in short, I think they wouldn’t bring much beyond another Stamina shield, and would actually work against Kerillian’s and especially Handmaiden’s fighting style of high mobility. That said, this was my first thought for a possible new weapon too. Your specific thoughts, wide sweeps don’t really fit that. Try swinging a long stick on one hand for yourself to see.

Firewall Staff: Not much thoughts on this. Might see use as a dedicated area denial weapon, but otherwise I don’t know.

Censer flail: Hmm… Why not. I’m already kinda disappointed for the lack of dedicated melee option on Unchained, this might fill it.

Sickles for Sienna: Why not. Kinda hard to think (for now) what it would do, but I think it’s still feasible.

Ranseur (or other polearm) for Sienna: Not Sienna’s style, I think, and on other characters would compete too much with existing weapons. Purpose-wise, I think you’re on to something here. A dented magic staff might work better, used as a blunt instrument.

Great Flail: Well, there are already a few two-handed versions of weapons with the idea “same, but more” so why not. Might be limited to Zealot, though.

War Scythe: Well, you already voiced some of my thoughts yourself. I don’t think it would necessarily fit Victor’s style either. And as a bonus, a reality check: “War scythes” didn’t exactly exist historically. Peasants might’ve used scythes on battlefield, but they were likely to be modified by turning the blade by 90 degrees to be simple polearms or spear-equivalents instead.

Sword and buckler: Quite sensible. Would trade some offensive capability (in the Rapier’s case, the pistol) for defensive. Rapier and Dagger might also work.

Goedendag: Never heard of this one, but with the amount of combination weapons in history, it’s no wonder. Might work as a crowd control option. Also, yes, people have tried to stick guns in just about everything. Shields, swords, maces, even cutlery. Some of these might offer interesting variants.

Duckfoot pistol: Yeah, why not. Would be more Victor’s style than blunderbuss, anyway. And what does goofy-looking matter? He already has that lump of iron known as Repeating Pistol.

Doomflail: Yikes. Realistically, I can’t think how that could work. Game-wise, I don’t know what that would bring that Bardin’s two-handed weapons already don’t.

Seax: Well, seax as such is a very cheap weapon, the mass-produced umgak of its time, so that’s not quite Bardin. But the style might work, even if I can’t see what new it would bring to Bardin’s options.

Dwarf pistol: Not bad, but might step on Repeating Handgun’s and Repeater Pistol’s metaphorical toes, as well as Drakefire Pistol’s.

Throwing axes are obvious, yeah. Stylistically nice, but once again, not sure what they would bring to the gameplay.

Trollhammer Torpedo: Don’t know about this one, as I’m not that familiar with WH lore. Sounds like it might be cool, but not really fit in the game’s general style.

Dual-wielding in general doesn’t fit Sienna, in my opinion (she’s a Wizard, after all, not an ambidextrous fighter) but the Fireclaw gloves might be fine. Wide attacks, damage focused on DoT would make an interesting fight.

Trueflight bow in any form would be too good; see how much even her Career skill gets used and called out for its strength (although that has lessened nowadays).

Handmaiden feels like she could use a dedicated weapon, but see my comments above for the shield. Double spear feels… Out of place for me.

Whip is, as I mentioned above, difficult. A mundane whip doesn’t penetrate armor (or much clothing, for that matter), doesn’t stagger, and is almost impossible to use in crowded spaces. A fire whip for Sienna would work better, though. good reach, damage focused on DoT, not much stagger or sweep. Unchained’s choice, probably.

Finally, a few ideas of my own.

Slayer might benefit from dual hammers (or axe and hammer). That’s already been mentioned elsewhere, and acknowledged by the devs in the release stream. It would give the Slayer a crowd control option that fells more suitable than two-handed hammer.

For Handmaiden, I think a quarterstaff (modeled on the English one, not Bo) would be a better option than shield combo. Still a naturally defensive weapon, wouldn’t hamper her movement like shield might, and would bring a crowd control option into the mix instead of her eternal blades. Also quite elf-like weapon, at least in general, not sure in WH lore though.

And yeah, I think too that more career-specific weapons would be welcome. Unchained especially needs a somewhat stronger melee option than Sienna in general, and would benefit from a slightly more defensive option in my opinion.


pasting a few ideas i wrote on a post i did similar to this one, since yours has more visibility
Melee= Torch, it seemed to get hinted on the saltpyre wallpaper, would be a nice way to give a charachter other than Sienna fire damage, plus, you can burn HERESY with it
Ranged= Crossbow pistol, that’s like the warhammer fantasy TM for witch hunters, some would say the normal crossbow already fills the role, but with less bolt damage, faster reload and a bigger ammo pool it could have its own place as a hybrid weapon, more oriented towards normal enemies than BoP
Flamesword staff, this could be the slayer-like choice for unchained, a staff capable of acting as a polesword (and that would fill a hole in the weapons choice we have, i dont know you but i LOVE the looks of poleweapons) and capable of using the bolt staff primary (sparks) as a ranged option
Dazh Flint (Would work as Saltzpyre’s torch)
Organ Gun, a portable version of course, but the idea of firing little cannon balls (maybe restricted to ranger dwarf, so he can get some more love) would be really cool
Mechanical Steed, this, so much of this, experimental weapon with monstrous knockback, for more info 'bout it check the wiki, so u can fall in love with it
a somewhat “Mighty bow”, harder and slower than the longbow, could do the trick just fine

these are some ideas, i hope they can be valuable in any way


The Mechanical Steed is literally a machine horse you ride.

Nice long response. :slight_smile: Interesting to read through.

Javelins would be hard to balance, since many weapons have such low ammo as it is. Realistically, someone could only carry a handful of javelins at once, which would make them quite limited. They’d have to go into a weird ‘special category’ of ranged weapons . . . but they’d also be very interesting and fun. No one could deny the fun of throwing a spear into an enemy. I think they’d have to be a close-range, precision, fast-reaction, massive damage weapon. They should rightly be able to one-shot everything short of Maulers at closer ranges, balanced by the limited ammo. They could probably one-shot things at longer range with headshots but have a severe drop, making them hard to aim. Their limited ammo (let’s say six ammo for sake of argument, so they’re literally half of the handgun/crossbows) means you can’t spam them, but they give you a nice quick reaction against a sudden surprise threat. Perhaps they could even pierce (or at least stagger) Super-Armored enemies. Would have to be careful with who gets them; it’d make sense logically for Waystalker to be able to use them, but the regen would make them very strong, especially if they had good piercing. The same idea goes for the throwing axes as well, I think.

Gun shield is something I had considered; that’d be quite amusing and fitting for Victor.

I find it odd people keep suggesting a lance; there IS a reasonable alternative, used by infantry that isn’t pike-length and even from the Germanic regions and time period the Empire is based on; the awl pike. Still, it’d be a very limited weapon, since it would only be able to stab.

The Scoped Rifle (a Nuln Rifle, basically) should definitely be a Kruber weapon IMO.

I agree with you about katars; they’re cool, but punch daggers wouldn’t operate THAT different from her regular dual daggers in terms of gameplay. I don’t think Wood Elves use them, anyway.

You make a good point about the spear and shield. It just feels very thematic.

As for my own ideas; I figure the sickles would fall between the dagger and the sword for her, especially if dual-wielded (maybe locked to Unchained). The point would be to give her something that attacks faster than her basic swords, maybe with less cleave but better damage or something. Basically a better melee option.

I picked a Ranseur because I think Sienna could use a defensive weapon option with reach as well, and Ranseurs are from Italy - it seemed reasonable that an Estalian like Sienna might use a weapon from close to home. Two of her careers are meant as back-liners; it would make sense for her to have a defensive weapon with reach.

I know war scythes are not historical weapons; neither do real world warhammers look like mauls or get really used at all. But war scythes exist in Warhammer, and are associated with Morr (I believe) and Nurgle, along with the undead in general. I agree it could be a good weapon for Sienna, but I think it could also fit a Witch Hunter as he seeks out and tries to cut down heresy.

An axe-gun would be another interesting (and historical) combination weapon Saltzpyre could use; like you said, guns were combined with a LOT of things.

I agree the doomflail is a bit silly, but it is at least a change from “a hammer” or “an axe”. Let’s face it; Bardin has a lot of variations of two types of weapons (and a pick). He could use some variety.

I picked a seax specifically because the sharp-angled design seemed like it would fit well into the Dwarven style (considering their Germanic-style helms and such). It would be a lighter, faster-striking weapon for him, somewhere between a one-handed sword and Sienna’s dagger. It is a utility weapon, but I can’t imagine a ranger wouldn’t have some utility weapons.

I think the dwarf pistol would have to go more along the lines of the classic “Dirty Harry Hand Cannon” to differentiate itself. High damage, not super fast rate of fire, long reload. It would have a short-range drop-off, but good accuracy.

The Trollhammer Torpedo is comparable to the Drake Gun in size (which I honestly didn’t expect to see), but shoots an explosive missile instead. It’s basically an RPG. It’d be a very specialist weapon with extremely limited ammo that deals huge single-target damage. Possibly unbalancing for the game by making boss enemies much easier, but in taking it you’re denying yourself another ranged weapon. Honestly; we’ve got so much coverage in weapons right now that it’s hard to think of new things that add new gameplay without being extreme in one direction or another.

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“Nuln Rifle”? You mean Hochland Long Rifle, yes?

The Trollhammer torpedo Is A DRAKE GUN. It’s just a special projectile crammed into the Drake Gun iirc. Imho, it should be a (severly limited) alt fire for the drake gun. Maybe 1 or 2 shots until you need to refill ammo.

Warhammer Dwarfs DO NOT USE SWORDS. They might make them, for export. But Warhammer Dwarfs use Axes, Hammers, Pickaxes, Crossbows and Guns.

Scythes are symbolic for the Amethyst College. No other college has any connection to them.


Thanks, I had a few things wrong there (though there was no need for capslock of doom). Though if they had a Trollhammer torpedo, it should be implemented as its own weapon; giving the current Drake Gun also a big anti-armor/single target attack would be even harder to balance. Just make it a similar but different weapon, like how the Hagbane uses the Shortbow but with different arrows.

However, at least a few Dwarves have/do use swords. Even past the old editions that were rendered non-canon, and the striking down of the Storm of Chaos stuff, there’s a reference to a Slayer that uses a sword in the Gotrek and Felix books, with no one acting as if that was odd. Specifically Road of Skulls, owned by the Slayer Dorin Borrisson.

To quote a part:
“The Slayer called Dorin bristled, one hand reaching for the fat-bladed dwarf sword sheathed on his hip.”
-Josh Reynolds. Gotrek and Felix - Road of Skulls (Kindle Location 2901). Black Library.

“Felix caught sight of Dorin, wide sword in hand, as he lopped off a leg at the knee and bounced over the falling warrior to launch himself at the man’s wide-eyed fellows.”
-Josh Reynolds. Gotrek and Felix - Road of Skulls (Kindle Locations 3493-3495). Black Library.

Not the only references to it, either. Dorin uses a Dwarf sword through the whole book.

And considering a dagger/short sword like a seax is as much a tool as a weapon, there’s zero reason to say it’s implausible that Bardin could own and use one.


Your description of the Javelin is pretty much exactly what I imagined! and even if it fulfills a similar role to other weapons, I still think it would feel great to use it. Additionally there’s enough ways to make it feel special in one way or another. Maybe the tiny ammo pool can be counterbalanced with a small chance to recover unbroken spears from your victims.

Agreed. Sienna needs a melee weapon that actually has some power behind it :smiley:
I really like the idea of a fire whip. Also the Swordstaff option seems really cool and slightly more defensive due to its reach.

This needs to be in the game asap!

I see no reason why Bardin shouldn’t use a sword. If GW prints Khorne models that use swords instead of axes, why shouldn’t dwarves :smiley:

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Equalling the Blood God with the Dawi? That’s a Grudgin’!

Khorne does not care what weapon someone uses to kill, be it sword, spear, axe etc. as Long as you do it yourself, without any cowardice or Magic Projectile flinging.


I love the idea of the small ammo being balanced by being able to recover javelins. Why even make it a small chance? I think it should have a decent chance and encourages you to be judicious in their use. If you throw it off the map, you’re gonna feel that.

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So guys,for visibility reasons i’ll now proceed to nominate every weapon discussed in this post

Hochland Long Rifle
Whip/Cat o Nine Tails
Falchion/Rapier and Buckler
Great Flail
War Scythe
Crossbow pistol
Duckfoot pistol
Dazh Flint
Weighted Gauntlets
Dual Hammers
Axe and Hammer
Organ Gun
Dwarf Pistol
Throwing Axes
Spear and Shield
Flamsword staff
Fireclaw Gloves
Censer Flail
Fire Whip
Firewall Staff


Nice summation. :slight_smile: Might I suggest you list pike and awl pike as separate entities, however? The traditional pike is like 20 feet long, while an awl pike is comparable in length to Kerillian’s spear and has a crossguard.

Awl Pike/Ahlspiess

Much appreciated!

You forgot Trump’s Wall

There are no thrown projectiles yet but I’d like to see them.

For spear throwing, atlatl should be used. Traits:

  • shield breaker/headshot damage
  • High damage
  • versatile
  • high stagger capabilities
  • High damage fall-off
  • missile drop
  • noticeable lack of accuracy beyond mid-range
  • low ammo

Throwing Axes

  • High damage
  • Close Range
  • Shield breaking/ headshot damage
  • Blunderbuss in thrown weapons. just huge damage.
  • Lack of accuracy beyond close-range
  • missile-drop
  • high damage fall-off
  • low ammo

Throwing knives

  • Crowd control
  • Rapid fire
  • high mobility
  • a high amount of ammunition
  • Low damage


  • Damage over time
  • Crowd control
  • ?
  • Slows enemies down
  • Enemies receive damage and move slower even after leaving the affected area
  • low ammo
  • Low damage

Mini-bombs (nades)

  • High damage
  • shield breaking
  • armor piercing
  • high single target damage
  • no damage fall-off
  • Low ammo, inaccurate above mid-range
  • very small aoe
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I’d like to add to my idea of the Fireclaw Gloves for Sienna (at least for her Unchained career) as a melee weapon and explain a bit how I imagine that they could possibly work.

In terms of design they are rather simply done.

  • Larger gloves on each hand with a blade on each finger except on the thumbs.
  • The blades are as long as daggers (imagine the hands of Edward Scizzorhands in length) and the blades go back above the fingers onto her hands, to properly support her fingers as she swings her arms.
  • The blades should all be fiery like the flamesword on at least one of the gloves.
  • Dual-handed weapon, as there are two gloves.

I feel like this weapon should have a bit of a fun mechanic to them to make them a bit different, apart from being dual-handed.

Depending on how much Overheat she currently has, the “left-click” (Light attack) changes. The left-click is a sweep that is litterally changing from left arm to right arm all the time. A good weapon for hordes, as she can hit many enemies, but doesn’t cleave too much.
So about the Overheat.

  • At low overheat, the left-click is very fast and deals a small amount of damage. For an example of a base damage number per sweep: 450-500 damage.
  • The higher the overheat, the slower her attacks get due to the pain of the winds of magic surging through her, but the sweeps get heavier, causing them to deal more damage.
  • At high overheat, the left-click becomes rather slow but deals more damage. For an example of a base damage number per sweep: 900-1000 damage. Basically, at around max overheat, the attacks are much slower but deal double or triple damage. This is just an idea, so it can be tweaked. I don’t have a clear thought of this with damage numbers and stuff.
  • Some cleave to the sweeps. Adds more cleave the higher the overheat, or less cleave, depending on how much cleave she has as a base.

Her “hold left mousebutton” (Heavy attack), is a single target stab. She thrusts her arm forward, piercing armor and deals damage.

  • Heavy headshot damage.
  • Armor-piercing strike. (Sienna is the only one that doesn’t have a Melee weapon that pierces armor (to my knowledge), while everyone has a ranged weapon that does.)
  • Single target.

If her claws are as the name suggests flaming, then a burning DoT could also be considered, at least for the glove that does have it.

In terms of blocking stamina, at least 3 shields.

This is just my base idea. You may tweak it as you like, since I am not the best when it comes to damage numbers and such. But if you like this, then let Fatshark know. ^^


I like it, but it feels like gloves as weapons shouldn’t have that much stamina, since you’re literally blocking with the back of your fist. That’s not a very sturdy part of your body, and not a very big thing to hide behind.
Since it’s a very up close and personal weapon it does require some sort of survivability. That’s where my idea for Bardin’s brawlin’ gloves comes in! Wearing the gloves should increase her dodge distance, and since her primary attacks are going to be quite fast, maybe there is a way to decrease the time between an attack and a dodge, so you can dodge and weave around your opponents, or skirt around the outline of a wave and deliver fast attacks in between.
I think that would be quite fun, and would bring something new to Sienna’s toolkit, since she sometimes feels a bit more stationary than the other characters.

But then again, maybe it feels a bit too nimble for a lady of her aged and a body as ravaged as hers ( I hope that didn’t come out wrong).

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When it comes to the block, I feel that the gloves go beyond the hands and down the arms a bit with some armor. And she doesn’t block with her fists alone, but with her arms too. I imagine her either holding them up like a wrestler when blocking, or in a cross(X)-shape.

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