IDEA - Maintain player base with "progression key's"

Think one of the “make or breaks” for Darktide is going to be how they approach the ongoing content and keep things interesting, feeding progression etc to maintain a consistent ongoing player base & revenue stream.

Think an awesome feature would be a “Key’d Progression”

1.Start of a weekly reset, everyone has a Key/Orb that is level 1 difficulty. The Orb states what Mission/Level and any Random Modifier.

  1. If you complete the Key/Orb you are rewarded with a Level 2… so on & so fourth with a % scale of unlimited Key/Orb difficulties. (think this should scale slowley ie. 15-20 being challenging)
  • Could also have a time gate, faster you complete the greater the Key level jump is.
  1. At the end of the weekly reset you are rewarded a loot chest based off your highest achieved Key of that week (doesnt have to be your key) this will encourage players to help each other push higher content.

  2. Things to Consider

  • A LFG system for those who dont have RL friends
  • Think it would be good to have a “total Item Level” to encourage ongoing progression
  • A scoreboard to highlight teams pushing high level keys/Orbs

I like the idea, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like the implementation of the idea.

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on the surface level i like a sink and rewards for higher lvls of play,

but i can’t say i would like an implementation in in this direction your describing
mainly because it sounds more like a chore than an actual engaging mechanic

i don’t enjoy season passes for the same reason, they incentivise me to play even if i don’t want to, because i could get rewards based on a limited time.

So Mythic+?

Honestly anything is better than what we have now, so I’m all for it.

This is pretty much WoW mythic dungeons, and I f*cking hate that system, so this is a huge NO from me.

Where’s the fun at?