Idea for a Sienna career that doesn't use a melee weapon but can still block and push

There has been a lot of suggestions for a career that uses 2 ranged weapons, but the main issue is that it would be too hard to survive without blocking and pushing. I think such career might be viable if it uses the ult resource (purple bar) for blocking and pushing. It could work like this:

  • Holding the ult button activates a fiery shield that blocks all attacks from all directions (as if you were blocking with a melee weapon). In this mode, the ult bar is slowly consumed over time, and each blocked hit depletes a big chunk of the ult bar (depending on the stamina cost of blocking this attack).
  • While blocking, you can’t charge or cast any spells, but you can press your left mouse button to perform a push. It works similar to a push with a melee weapon and costs a big chunk of the ult bar.
  • (Optional) Blocking or pushing might apply a burning effect to the affected enemies.
  • (Optional) Block Cost Reduction stat on necklace might reduce the ult cost of blocking, Extra Stamina stat on necklace might increase the ult bar, Stamina Regen buffs might increase the ult regen speed.

Disclaimer: I’ve stolen the idea of a fiery shield that is powered by the purple bar from this Reddit post.

i think a melee weapon with infinite range is what you’re looking for. still can block with rmb but lmb attacks and shoot further away.

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This may also work, but it will play very differently to what I had in mind. What I want is a hero that always tries to avoid melee, and shoots as much as possible. If blocking is powered by ult, it might be tuned so that you can block and push occasionally (when you really need to), but you can’t do it all the time.

i think it’s gonna be hard to balance if you tie block to a resource bar like ult. it is going to be feast or famine depending on the difficulty. it will be harsh on cata+ difficulties where most of your time is tied in melee since the game director spawns so many infantry constantly.

I’d rather have a weapon that does this instead of a whole career.

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