I'd like my time back please

Not my money or my pride. Just my time. As I get older, steadily marching toward that endless night called Death, I can feel quite keenly how much my time is worth. So when I choose to spend my time playing a game it’s because I want to have fun and “play”. I’m not having fun anymore. And the realization that you don’t really care stings just the littlest bit. So if you wouldn’t mind could I please have my time back? I know I can’t get my money back, that’s fine I paid for a product and I’m a Capitalist so that’s the system. And I can’t get my pride back. FatShark Exec’s are dancing over the flames of my burning soul so it’s too late for that. But if you wouldn’t mind please request of your Dark Gods that those hours be returned to me. I could use that time for something more productive. Like masturbating and then crying myself to sleep. Or having my skin removed slowly and painfully by a sexy Succubi. Or listening to K-Pop until my ears burst and throwing myself off a building. Not a tall building. Only a few stories so I don’t die, but end up in the ICU, deaf from K-Pop and broken from the fall. Any of those would be better than spending time on your game ever again.

Sounds extreme? Well if you had a heart attack at the age of 19 while tripping Acid and had seen the things I’ve seen, you’d value your time on Earth as much as I do.

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haha what


It’s early, no coffee yet and I got creative. Roll with it man! lol

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Are you talking about DT?

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Fatshark: Best i can do is the moneyshop update next Friday

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MAYBE next Friday :rofl:


why here then?
sorry, but this sounds like you hve not learnt much from what you said happened to you :frowning:

was it fun when you played it?

i see expectations weren’t met further and that is ok, but then just move on and spend your time how you like it and dont take a bath in self-pity, it wont help or change anything.
I know that, because i’m an expert too :smiley:

why allways take anything to the extremes?

You know Lords and Ladies from Terry Pratchett, when Granny and the Archcancelor sat on the River and he complained about wrong decisions?
You dont know what you are wishing for. Maybe you would have spend your time in a more destructive way and it all ended in a even bigger catastrophe?!?

Yeah, but this was MY hour! These were MY minutes! And they didn’t fulfill my expectations. So I’m taking them back. I’m taking them all back.

Fatshark, Please become Shiva and reverse your eternal nature.